The Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight Surgery?


To determine the fastest way to lose weight you have to define your goals. Are you looking to slim down, get in shape, shed considerable weight (40 or more pounds), and then ask yourself what are you willing to endure to achieve your goals? Are you willing to commit to diet and exercise, endure the pain and financial cost of surgery, or learn to accept the shape your in now and forgo either option?

The choice is yours but lets assume you want to move forward, by that I mean lose weight the fastest way you can and we’ll examine different body types.

1st) Type 1. You have a lot of weight to lose. Lets call it 50 pounds. Some one with 50 pounds to lose will be carrying their weight in multiple regions. Surgery for this body type will be drawn out and expensive requiring several procedures and costing thousands of dollars. A procedure like liposuction is extremely painful. You will need time off and pain killers to get through the recovery. The surgery will do absolutely nothing to change the habits that lead you to obesity and you can expect to gain the weight back again and require another procedure. Great for the surgeon, sucks for the patient. Gastric bypass is another option but the same negative aspects apply.
2nd) Type 2. Athletic body shape with some hard to target areas such as armpit fat, love handles, or back fat. Surgery is great if it’s only one spot but you face the same high cost and painful recovery. Not to mention the risk of gaining fat in other areas while you sit around healing. This body type is already on the fast track through diet and exercise. Don’t let impatience or “perceived imperfections” push you into a rash decision.
3rd) Type 3. I saved the best for last. For those of you that want to get in shape. By that I mean look great, feel great, be great. Always keep in mind that thin does not equal healthy. Not by a long shot. Being healthy is a conscious choice about diet and exercise. It never just happens, no one is ever just in great shape. They plan carefully and put in the effort required.

Forget surgery and try diet and exercise. It’s not hard to do. In fact, you being good to you is all a healthy choice really is. What could be easier? Be good to yourself by being good to your body, it’s the fastest way to lose weight.

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