The Field Length Of Football

For some fans and players, the knowledge about the football field length and width is something unnecessary. However, if you are a diehard fan of American football, knowing this knowledge definitely not only increase your understanding of the game but also makes you different from other fans. It is universally known that the professional stadiums and grounds adopt a standardized length and measurements.

In American football, there are not even minor difference in the football field length of all the grounds and stadiums unlike the soccer. The football field length is totally uniform under the requirements of the National Football league. The NFL has laid down particular guidelines and rules about the football field length, and this cannot be altered. As a player who deserves to wear the, one must be completely aware about these football field dimensions. You can play a better game by knowing the dimensions of the football field.

American Football Field Length

The following are the details and basic knowledge about the standardized football field: The shape of the American football field is rectangular, and this holds true for a soccer field as well. The football field length is supposed to be 360 feet, while the width is supposed to be 160 feet, based on the conventional football field diagram. These same measurements apply for American football played at the NFL, at college football and high school level. The uniformity in the football field size of all pitches and stadiums across the world means that a player gets used to playing in these dimensions from a young age. Even as a young football player, you can experience the stadiums of same dimensions as the professional players in the Cheap reebok jerseys.

Other Measurements

The end zone is the space behind the goal line and the end line on one side of the field, and this is where the players must reach in order to score points. The end zone is an extension of 10 yards behind the goal line, and this exists on either end of the field. The goal posts on an American football field are 10 feet high and 18.6 feet wide. These dimensions remain the same for football played at all levels, with a few minor differences in youth football occasionally. Every player should bear in mind these measurements.

The knowledge of the football field length is beneficial for the players, coaches and fans. Once they are well aware of the number, they can gain a better understanding of the rules and regulations of the game. No matter who you are, as long as you are a football lover, the football field length is a requisite knowledge for you to enjoy the game.

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