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{flickr|100|campaign} WR:: breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation in China’s development status? This method can be thin Breast For women, is an attractive way, the application of this method in the country how?

Luan Jie: breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation in the country had 90 carried out more for some time now shaping the attitude of doctors more cautious, more stringent control indication, as opposed to breast augmentation prosthesis speaking, than in the past to carry out to be less. There are two main reasons: 1, some doctors the means to acquire properly, there have been many complications, mainly a volume too much and too concentrated. The transplanted fat in a matter of fact there are many fragments, concentrated injection resulted in a complete lack of blood supply of fat particles can not survive, and debris can not be absorbed by the body, will certainly lead to fat necrosis, liquefaction, induration, affect breast augmentation results. 2, from the patient perspective, as patients with small breast Breast Subject area is limited, one can not be injected too much, so many times to transplant a small amount. Require multiple operations, is too much trouble. For these two reasons, autologous fat transplant breast augmentation in the domestic application is not yet widespread.

WR: currently abroad, especially in the United States, doctors combine Br av a breast shaping systems supporting breast augmentation surgery with autologous fat transplantation, the mechanism for that?

Luan Jie: I have done some preliminary clinical attempt. My view this approach is scientifically based. Must first understand the survival of autologous fat transplantation Qualification: First, fat cells themselves. We hope that the fat cells can be purified as much as possible, try to remove cell debris, purified and dynamic retention of fat cells. Second, transplantation zones. Fat cell transplantation to the affected area, the need to establish the blood Cycle Can survive. Subject to the conditions from the area in terms of how to make fat transplantation by the district as far as possible consistent with the conditions? On the one hand to evenly disperse the injection. This allows fat cells to maximize every contact with regional organizations, it may be the greatest access to nutrition and the establishment of blood supply. If the fat injection into

group, only around a circle of fat particles come into contact with the recipient organizations, cellulite can not set up particles of fat within the blood supply, is bound to liquefaction necrosis. Therefore, multi-tunnel, multi-level, scattered planting the injection is to ensure the operation Security , The survival rate of transplanted fat tissue important tool. On the other hand, it is necessary to improve the local blood supply by the district. Was applied VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) to promote angiogenesis.

More to improve conditions by the district to promote the successful transplantation of two factors, but the effect is still very limited. Because of the restrictions by breast size, uniform injection of the fat mass is limited, it is not appropriate to conduct saturation injection. In addition the role of VEGF to go through a few days to become apparent, and this is precisely the first few days of fat cells in a time when most in need of nutrition, so the effect of VEGF is also limited.

Brava aid fat transplantation is precisely for these two aspects: one, increasing the area of space. It uses the principle of tissue expansion, the expansion of this organization different from the expansion inside outer expansion, while expanding the area of skin, subcutaneous tissue also increased the volume. Fat transplantation for the next step to create more space, injection of fat a lot more than the traditional method.

2, the tissue expansion process, improve blood circulation by the district. Because in the process of repeated expansion, accompanied by the expansion and proliferation of blood vessels, like the ratio of seeds to provide a fertile soil. These two aspects, one more space, can accommodate more fat cells; an improvement of blood supply to fat more easily transplant survival. Therefore can be considered: Brava to enhance autologous fat transplantation particle effects to create a good condition by the district to lay a good foundation.

WR: with traditional breast augmentation compared with autologous fat transplantation, combined with the Brava system, breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation What are the advantages? Not all patients are able to use this method?

Luan Jie: Brava system, breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation can significantly increase the amount of fat in a single transplant and improve transplantation efficiency; due to improved blood supply, will be a corresponding increase in fat graft survival, but also reduces complications the incidence of disease. In reducing the number of operations performed at the same time, the effect improved. On the indication, first of all for patients with autologous fat transplantation, are suitable for this method Brava.

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