The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet – Discover Why These People Stay Slim Even If They Eat a Lot


The French Women Don’t Get Fat is a non-diet book that is packed with wisdom from Mireille Guiliano, the creator of the program and Chief Executive Officer of Champagne Company Veuve Clicquot. Some say that the French Women Don’t Get Fat is the secret to eating for pleasure.

The author was inspired to create the diet when she, too, experienced gaining weight when she was still a teenager. She went to the USA to be educated, and when she returned home, she was 20 pounds heavier. She knew the culprit all along: eating large portions and having too many sweets. She started eating the French style again and restored her weight. Since then, she had a different perspective of food, beverages, and lifestyle. Whatever realizations she had, she shares them all through her book.

The basic principle of the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is eating only good food of very high quality. When eating, it is important to keep the portions small and to savor every bite by chewing well. Being satisfied with small portions of food can be achieved when dieters eat slowly, chew food thoroughly, and make every dining experience delightful. No food is forbidden; from chocolate to champagne, people can indulge in them in small portions. Also, on this diet, no counting of calories and skipping of meals are involved. It focuses on controlling the amount of what people eat.

To follow this diet plan, people must endure its three-month program designed to reset the “body’s dials” for a lifetime of healthy weight that is only possible with slow and gradual weight loss. For those who do not fancy physical exercise, this diet is for them for it does not require being involved in regular fitness exercises except getting more active by doing physical activities and walking. Clicquot is eager to share the joy when women adopt the French style of eating, drinking, and moving as the champion formula for weight control.

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