The Game Of Cricket


The Game Of Cricket

Life is like a game of cricket and on the battle field of life the man should be very careful.

In each step of the way there is the need to give full attention.

We should defeat the negetive forces within us in order to acheive our goals.

It requires a great deal of inner strength and faith on the part of the player to go in a step wise manner.


The man is the batsman and in his mental gallery the spectators are his thoughts.

Many spectators always encourage him to play well and they all the time give encouragement.

The man should play very well in order to lead a life of success and have a better life.

Some spectators are discouraging and they tell many negetive things about him.


The man’s ability to play well in spite of the discouraging spectators brings him success and glory.

Some spectators also tell many hurtful things about the player and he should not be shaken by that.

With rapt attention and courage he should see the other opponent players in the pitch of life.

He should be very cunning to judge the opponents so that he can easily move on the success ladder.


The spectators some times are doubtful about his ability.

He should not be swayed by the praise or ridicule of the spectators.

He should give always full attention to the field in which he is playing.

He should know the art of playing and move forward with success after success.


He should mark the cricketeers from India,Australlia,England,Srilanka,Pakistan,Newzeland and other countries.

He should learn the art of playing in the battle field from them.

Like the opening bats men he should start his day with courage and confidence.

Then only towards the end of the day he will taste the sweetness of life’s success.


From the bats men and bowlers he has to learn many things.

The courage and intelligence of both batsmen and bowlers should influence him.

He should be proficient in batting and bowling in the game of life.

Becoming a batsman and a bowler simultaneously he can acheive many things in life.


The noise in the mental gallery should not dissuade him from his goals.

Patiently and intelligently he should play and each moment of life should be utilised in a fruitful manner.

At any point of time the negetive comments of the spectators should not diminish his inner strength.

He should firmly hold his weapon and go forward with patience and constancy of purpose in order to be a master of success.

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