The huge effect of Web Video Marketing




The key factor of effective and successful web video marketing is the ability to get your target viewers’ emotion and feeling, whether hate, love, sadness, happiness, desirousness, greed, empathy or conceit. Strong opinions are necessary, a willingness to show your ideas. And the most important thing is total commitment to your strategy or make closest to your heart.


An effective and successful marketing campaign will get people to listen, talk and most important remember your video’s message accompanied by relevant feeling. Get all your ideas of being unbiased and objective to the wind as well as people pleasing goals. Firstly, identify your target audience and secondly, focus completely on them or if you prefer, you can chosen another way to show your objectivity.


When it comes to new ideas to get your target audiences’ attention, it’s recommended that you always think out of the box. Think in terms of surprises. People love exciting and unexpected twists and turns that are totally different. Steer clear from “we offer the best” strategy, it’s been used way to frequently, as well as the cool, hip and fashionable approach. Web video marketing campaign copying is also a big no-no.


No matter how under pressure you are you should never try too hard to please as this will create an illusion of desperation which will reflect very badly on your overall image. Companies normally assume that web video marketing strategies consist of ad-sharing between internet surfers – wrong!


Traditional strategies are safe and rather boring routes which often result in failure or little success. These strategies included product or service promo, quality showcasing, product placement on pedestal, model or mogul endorsements. What your web video marketing strategy needs is a strong and interesting storyline. You should place yourself, the service or product and business on the back-burner for a sec and focus entirely on proper storyline creation. It is however imperative to take the product as well as business into consideration when its due but you should know where to draw the line.


After you’ve achieved your attention captivation, emotion generation and curiosity stimulation goals, with a couple of effective, unexpected high roads and low roads in your storyline, the next step will require maintaining captured emotions. This will be achieved by the complete capture of the viewers’ attention by your web video marketing strategy. A task often easier said then done, of course.


Once you’ve caught the viewers’ or your target audience’s attention, the real work starts. There is thus no time whatsoever to site back and smell the flowers. A pro-active approach needs to be followed now, and what better way than with the creation of a sequel for your web video.


Types of sequels include creation of a series of movies with exact same concept as the first, sneak peeks in terms of video making of and behind the scenes views, flops, re-takes, bloopers, progress blogs, competitions, freebies or a mix of previously mentioned sequel types.



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