The Importance Of Oral Hygiene (#AskWoody)

The Importance Of Oral Hygiene (#AskWoody)

In this video me and Woody go over the importance of oral hygiene for men.

The importance of oral hygiene extends beyond just having a nice smile. Woody explains some practical uses for having good oral hygiene, one of which is opening a beer bottle with just ones teeth.

Woody talks about how the importance of oral hygiene plays into the health of your immune system, and how poor oral hygiene manifests in different areas of your body.

The tips included in this video that will help improve your oral hygiene are:

Good quality mouthwash
Nice quality toothpaste
Replacing your toothbrush

I hope this video will help you understand the importance of oral hygiene. I highly suggest you follow Woody’s advice and do these things regularly so you can enjoy all of the benefits.

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