The Latest Rumours On The All New Iphone 5

The rumour mill is filled with leads and speculations regarding the next model of iPhone, the iPhone 5. Apple will want to expunge the memory of the iPhone 4 which we know has antenna problems, and to appease those people who are unhappy with it. If these rumours are true, what can we expect from the next iPhone model?

The name of the model itself is in speculation. Based on the history of iPhones, the new handset may not be even labelled the iPhone 5; it could very well be introduced into the market as the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 4G depending on the extent of architectural revision. With the fantastic features and revolutionary design of the iPhone 4 (aside from the antenna issue), most observers do not expect a lot of major changes in the next generation.

The competition against the iPhone 4 is closing in. So maybe Apple is circulating these rumours about the upcoming iPhone 5 to stir interest and the imagination of customers. Some of the handsets available in the market are now at the same level or even better than the iPhone 4.

Speculative Features Of The iPhone 5
The general public is quite excited about the iPhone 5 and there is a lot of speculation as to what sort of features it could carry. Again, looking at Apples track record on updating their models, there is a good chance that the next iPhone will just be the updated version of the iPhone 4. The setback with the antenna will surely be corrected. All it needs is to install a more powerful processor and enhance most of iPhone features a little, and presto! there is your iPhone 5. Some experts are saying that a truly new feature is highly unlikely at this point.

Here are some of the expected features:
Near Field Technology (NFC) enabled, which will make your iPhone into a digital wallet
A monitor that is bigger than iPhone4
Addition of some more carriers into the network like AT&T and Verizon
4G network link
A new iOS 5 operating system
The most anticipated feature of the iPhone 5 is the inclusion of NFC technology. Reliable sources indicated that the NFC will surely be included and that the hardware for this will be supplied by NXP Semiconductor which is the leading manufacturer of NFC technologies. Probably spells the end of cash as we know it!

It is apparent that Apple is getting ready for their next iPhone model. With so many rumours circulating around the Web, its hard not to get excited. This kind of situation is what Apple really wants because they know from experience that this will result in more sales!

If you are having any problems with your iPhone you’re best off bringing it into one of the big Apple stores. What ever you do I would suggest that you avoid the market stalls for getting any repairs or updates sorted. They might be good for the odd accessory, but I certainly wouldn’t trust them with my iPhone.
Rumour Has It – S1E1

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