The meaning of Amber Rose in Kanye West’s life


It’s 6am and I finally think I’ve done enough research to write this article on Amber Rose. Who is she? Why is she so famous? Why is she so beautiful? Why does she appear to be “a bird” and why did she break up with Kanye? These are all good questions, but I’ve come to the conclusion that none of them are important. Amber rose is that bisexual girl Kanye went out with right? Isn’t that where the story begins? More questions, but still no answers. Amber rose is the bird in Kanye’s movie Runaway right? The one who crashes down to earth right? I think Amber is all of those things but she also symbolizes much more.

Amber Rose is half Cape Verdean and half-Italian, but all American. She was born in Philadelphia and grew up on the south side. In an expose from, we learn that she was taunted by other girls and fought regularly because of her light skin. We also know that she was a one time stripper both in Philly and in Mt. Vernon New York. However, we all know why she shot to fame and that is simply because of her beauty. She began dating Kanye West in February of 2009 and the handsome couple made headlines everywhere. In September of that same year Kanye now infamously came to blows with Taylor Swift on stage at the VMA Awards. Coincidence? Chance? No, not so fast. In my opinion, Amber Rose was an integral part of Kanye West’s struggle with being a famous and wealthy black man in America and the fact that she is of Cape Verdean heritage has a hidden meaning that many people have failed to see.

The Cape Verde islands are a horseshoe shaped chain of 10 islands 500 miles off the coast of Africa. Every year I turn on my television and the weatherman starts to say that a hurricane is developing off the Cape Verde islands, if it weren’t for that fact, I would have never heard of them. Kanye West touched off a hurricane when he attempted to pull the mic away from Taylor Swift at the VMA Awards and the fact that he was dating a woman who is of Cape Verdean heritage was no accident.

Turns out that a “Cape Verde-type hurricane” can develop into one of the most devastating hurricanes on the planet. On average there are two of these “Cape Verde-type hurricanes” a year. Amber Rose was a symbol of where Kanye’s future was heading.

The Cape Verde islands were discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century and when they were found, they were uninhabited. They became an integral part of the slave trade because of their location. Ships coming from Africa with slaves could stop in their harbors before continuing the long journey across the Atlantic where they were susceptible to many storms. That slave trade represents a struggle between black and white for control and economic power. Just like Kanye’s struggle with Taylor Swift on the musical stage. Kanye, right or wrong, felt robbed. He felt wronged. Now we can all look back at his actions as a sort of paranoid mistake, but many black artist have felt cheated by Award shows like the VMA’s in the past and that’s the reason that award shows like the BET Awards exist today. I’m definitely not condoning Kanye’s actions, they were comical at best and one has to wonder if he was on something at the time. However, you cannot discount the fact that he was angry, even if it was for a silly reason.

The VMA’s set off a hurricane for Kanye West and he has been running for shelter ever since. Amber Rose was a bird in his life. The Cape Verde islands are home to many endangered birds and reptiles and yes, she is one of them. Can’t you see her in a tree on one of the Cape Verde islands squawking as a storm begins to blow out to the Atlantic? That’s Kanye’s hurricane, he made it all by himself and Amber was there to witness it. Kanye is not a slave but his anger bares the scars of the slave trade even today. Don’t say I’m reaching because you saw him on television telling the world that George Bush doesn’t care about black people. Kanye is hurt, even 500 years later.

In the battle between Kanye and Taylor Swift is there a black side and a white side? Perhaps that’s a good question. Recently people booed him at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and yes, they were mostly white. Was that mostly because Kanye is just plain ignorant? Probably. Kanye hasn’t done himself any favours lately. His relationship with Amber Rose could never stand the storm that he created. In many ways she is a symbol of his longing for “white” standards of beauty, while at the same time being uncomfortable with the decisions of a “white” world. For Amber it must have been a love hate relationship when black girls wanted to fight her because she was “light-skinned”. It hasn’t jaded her however, but for Kanye his love hate relationship with the “white” world has tested his metal.

Kanye West is Africa. Amber Rose is those islands just off the coast and Kanye’s battle with Taylor Swift is the storm. Who is Amber Rose? She is a bird, just like the girl in his music video.

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