The Monthly Cost Of Medifast: What Is It?


I often get questions about the cost of Medifast. I get questions about the cost per day, the price per week, the cost per month, and the price per pound.  Of all of these, the cost per month is probably what I am asked about the most.  This makes sense because the most economical way to buy food in this plan is as part of a monthly package.  This brings your cost per meal down by a good deal.  I’ll discuss the monthly price of the Medifast packages below.

The Cost Of The Medifast Women’s Diet Program: When most people ask about the price of this plan, they are mostly asking about the 5 plus 1.  This is the plan that Genie Francis and Kristie Swanson are on and promote.  This is the basic women’s plan where you eat five of the diet’s provided meals and make one “lean and green meal” on your own.  Now, when I say the provided meals, I don’t just mean shakes, although shakes are a popular choice.  There are over 70 foods to chose from which becomes a good thing after a while. 

Anyway, the starting price for this one is $ 299 for 143 meals (about $ 2.00 a meal.)  But that is before taking any discounts, specials, or coupons which are almost always running.  At the very least, you can often get 2-3 weeks of free food, but sometimes there is a $ 55 off special running. (You can check what the latest specials are at Of these, the free food is actually the better deal because it is worth more monetarily. However, whichever discount you chose, you should never pay full price.

The men’s and diabetics packages are the same cost ($ 299 before any deductions) and have the same amount of meals (143).  There are some specialty packages that cost a bit more, which I’ll go over now.

Specialty Or Enhanced Medifast Packages Cost:  For each of the basic packages (men’s, women’s diabetic), there is an enhanced version which basically adds in omega 3s for heart, nails, hair, and skin health.  This doesn’t add a lot onto the cost (it comes out to be around $ 327 before coupons), so if you have cholesterol or heart issues, this might be worth your while, but many just stick with the 5 plus 1.

The Price Of The Medifast Momentum Line: This is the most expensive monthly package that they sell, but the reason for this is that it adds the “momentum” products which are the flavor infusers, cappuccinos,  and shakes that have ingredients meant to boost your metabolism.  These meals contain a bit of caffeine and the active ingredient in green tea to rev your metabolism.  There is some literature which suggests that adding in the momentum line can burn as many more calories as a brisk walk, but they only wanted you consuming three of the momentum products per day. 

One trick to know is that they don’t consider the flavor infusers (powder you add to water like crystal light) to be a meal. This counts toward the water requirement instead.  But the cappuccinos and shakes do count toward your meals and they only want you having three per day.  So, if I do use these, I go heavy on the flavor infusers. This package is the most expensive option at about $ 350.  However, again, this is before you consider any of the specials or promotions running.  And, the momentum products do sell individually if you’d like to go that route.

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