The Morning Star


The Morning Star

Starting the day with a beautiful experience brings success and glory.

The nature has provided enough of it’s beauty to have a good feeling all the time.

In the life’s journey the traveller was observing the morning star.

Seeing the star in the estern sky he was submerged in the ecstatic beauty of the nature.


Getting early from the bed was the habbit of the traveller.

Seeing the morning star he was comparing it with the human life.

Life is for a short period just like a morning star.

It is lost in the ocean giving light and happiness for a short period.


The world is full of worries and anxieties and one is lost in this.

So starting the day with a greater strength and invigorating the mind with universal power one is able to pass the day.

Seeing the morning star the traveller was gaining universal power within and his mind was filled with joy.

He was feeling the beauty and the calmness of the sky within.


Nature has kept a lot of hope and success formulae for everybody.

Observing the star in the silence of the morning he was attracting the powers from the universe.

He wants  to begin his day with lot of excitement so as to forget his tiredness amidst the trials and tribulations.

The star in the estern sky in the morning was giving him a soothing mental experience.


Life is short like a morning star and soon it is lost in the ocean giving light and happiness.

We should not bother for the short span of life,but should be like morning star.

Being like morning star will give us a healthy mind and healthy body and we can live longer.

Being sumerged in the coolness of the morning we can make the day a success for us.


The star is the sign of a happy and successful life.

Starting the day  seeing the star gives harmony and erases all mental anguish.

The traveller while seeing the star was visualising his hopes and dreams.

He was getting lot of answers to his problems and was learning the success secrets.


The sky is broad and was very clear as the traveller was observing it.

Imagination of  the universe was filling his mind with a deep sense of ecstacy.

Being hopeful for a brighter day he was finishing his routine duty.

Slowly the morning star was vanishing by the time the traveller was ready to leave for duty.


Seeing the star in the sky gives him much joy.

He works beautifully with all serenity and calmness of the mind.

The day becomes smooth just like the star and he serves well loving the nature.

Like the star he gives light and happiness to all.


He always wants to be a morning star and acheive success.

Before he passes he wants to fulfill his dreams and hopes.

He may pass but the star will be there giving hope to all.

Having the star in his mind he never feels dejected and unhappy.


Hope not despair,success not failure is the divine whispers of the star.

Being in company with the star he forgets all his anguish and serves better.

With the sound of the birds he hears the silent song of the morning.

The song is so marvellous as if sung by the divine and with that tune he works bringing all fortune.

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