The Most Fashionable Accessories In Autumn


With the arrival of fall, all kinds of silk scarves have mounted on the stage. More and more colors and styles make people eye opener. Smart gilrs also use their clever thoughts to let a simple scarf plays different fashion sense, now let us take a look how the beautiful street girls wear their favorite silk scarves. Semi-transparent blouse is sexy and stylish, black lantern divided skirt full of design sense, with a layer sense. Black silk scarf echoes the whole feeling and adds upper body heavy sense. Gray strapless dress shows the sexy appearance by accident, black stovepipe pants low-key display good figure, a long zebra silk scarf wearing in the chest immediately upgrade the overall fashion sense. Black slim suit with short jeans show sexy and capable, a pair of long boots modify the crus to have a different style. Big blue scarf wraps around the neck naturally, looks like a Hollywood star from far look. Plaid suit is fashionable and classic, the older style short jeans show sexy legs, although the short tassel boots are still fashionable, if change a pair of high-heeled shoes will add women temperament more. Zebra stripes scarf is the highlight of whole body, increase overall fashionable flavor. Pantherine short-sleeve T-shirt with black leather pants are silm and fashionable, leather pants are filled with texture which can modify legs sexily and thinly, black pantshoes elongate proportion more, a simple black tassel scarf wear on chest naturally, swinging with wind brings other kind of amorous feeling. White letter pattern T-shirt with black trousers are the best classic collocation, white coat echoes white boots, associative perception is very strong. Color plaid scarf as an accessory color lights up the black and white dominant hue. Striped shirt matches with black sun-top and dark shorts let the slim body become more sexy, black translucent silk stockings give legs more charming feeling. Gray scarf has a low-key fashion taste which is a perfect single product. Black small suit mates drain pipe trousers, with baroque-style black and white shoes display your fashion and neuter, a large printing scarf are both warm and attractive, a very classic dress up. A large scarf around half of the shoulder masterly, let the whole body charm, ignite on upper body. The monotone color dress because of a charming silk scarf suddenly filled with fascinating flavor. There is no bright spot to see the whole black dress alone, clever girls use red shoes to serve slender legs, with the blue leopard silk scarf which is very popular in this season to illumine whole body color. Stylish and low-key dress. Many females like silk scarves wholesale to match various clothes, indeed, different colors and styles silk scarves outstand clothes distinctive characteristics.

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