The New Technology Of Sewage Basic “zero Discharge” – Replacement Projector Lamp


January 9, 2009, access to national scientific and technological progress second prize with a brilliant consolation Zhao Zhongxing’s heart. Zhao Zhongxing, Changzhou, a private printing company owner, was self-financed nearly 3,000 million, after painstaking efforts eight years of business, independent R & D of “continuous dyeing fabric paint transgender new technologies”, sewage basic “zero discharge”, rewriting the printing and dyeing industry history.

State Science and Technology Award of the project identification certificate of the Vetting Committee commented: “This new technology leading to fill the domestic blank, printing and dyeing industry for our country to achieve an overall energy reduction is of great significance.” Compared with the traditional process, the new technology section base Festival of salt 100%, water 94.8%, basically the first time, printing and dyeing industry, “zero emissions”, the unit energy consumption reduced 55%, while the yield increased to 99.5%, the product price increase per meter can be from 0.5 to 1 yuan. Experts budget, this new technology, if in the country’s printing and dyeing enterprises promotion, waste water and COD emissions per year total 1.2 billion tons, while saving 1.4 billion kwh, saving 24 million tons steam, environmental and economic benefits are very obvious.

China is the textile big country, an annual printing and dyeing enterprises for more than 700 million tons of waste water discharges, re-use rate was only 7%. Total amount of printing and dyeing wastewater is not only big, but are complicated, extremely difficult to deal with. High input, high consumption, high emission and low efficiency of printing and dyeing industry of China has become a common problem. To break printing and dyeing industry, “chronic illness”, the domestic many large-scale printing and dyeing companies try to use “dry Tu” instead of “water pollution”, but engage in little progress for several years, although many businesses also used the pigment dyeing, but it raises two questions: One color painting is not strong, can not be continuous production, and second, cloth will harden and affect quality, and can not be achieved, “transgender” coating continuous dyeing of industrialization.

Dyeing and Weaving Co., Ltd. Changzhou Southeast has been established for 20 years Zhao Zhongxing also know that there is a major national research “coating continuous dyeing new technology” project, and in 2000 the State Economic and Trade Commission has also been compiled into a “national key industry clean production technology-oriented directory. ” Get this information, Zhao Zhongxing thought for a long time, “since it is included in the national cleaner production technologies in key industries-driven directory of new technology, then why not bring it to our company to be cited?”

Zhao Zhongxing was right to challenge the idea that the conventional printing technology, while there is pollution, but still be able to make money, why risk the money put into a book is written in an unknown items? However, Zhao Zhongxing predictable, conventional dyeing and printing industry in “green priority” policy has already twilight, if the success of a breakthrough in process technology can not only increase the profits of printing and dyeing enterprise space, is more important is that it can effectively solve the pollution problems of high printing and dyeing enterprises . He was against all the odds, decisive finalized: “on!”

In 2002, Zhao Zhongxing also set up an “East High Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd.” to concentrate on research, while the original company earned money, most of them thrown into the project. Qian constantly cast into the test constantly to do. Every time we make thousands or even tens of thousands of meters of fabric, but the overall unsuccessful. Brang bad on the sum of up to one day take into account the 680,000 yuan. In those days, Zhao Zhongxing and the other two major shareholders are three families with room and board at the factory more than 10 square meters in a small room, that is when the boss for many years, but has not yet own a house, money like water thrown to the test.

By 2004, the East High has thrown more than 2500 million in R & D funds, but still no results of new projects, there are a number of shareholders, see an uncertain future are withdrawn. Must be another way! Zhao Zhongxing hardships search, and domestic well-known National Textile Dyeing and Finishing Engineering Technology Research Center, Institute of Automation and other research institutions exchange, production and research away from the road to integrated research and development. The wisdom of the spark ignited hope of success, through unremitting efforts, acknowledged problems “fibrosis technology, environmentally-friendly paint,” has been resolved, and process matched the production line has also been captured, and finally succeeded in adopting a small scale, pilot, and begin to put into normal production run.

“The production process Figuratively, that is through special techniques, special equipment will be devoted to environmentally friendly paint pierce fabric fibers to achieve the purpose of dyeing,” Zhao Zhongxing proud to introduce, so that out of cloth dyed soft, uniform color not easy to fade, and most importantly, the dyeing process in addition to dilute the paint, washing machine, almost no water. In accordance with the East High Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. produce 14 million meters of fabric production in terms of business a year, saving 18.62 million tons, resulting in direct economic benefit of 12.6 million yuan, and a year can reduce the total discharge of 170,000 tons waste water to reduce the COD total amount of 17 tons, 2.5 tons of ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus 0.17 tons.

Zhao Zhongxing operator is the sum of small accounts, experts say forget pen big accounts: The Changzhou Taihu Lake basin, for example, printing and dyeing wastewater discharge in 2005 about 150,000 tons / day, in which waste water from dyeing workshop section is about 7.5 tons / day If this “coating continuous dyeing” The new technology is 50% of the popularization and application, only the year Changzhou wastewater can reduce the amount of 11 million tons, the total COD reduction of 1,100 tons, 165 tons ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus 11 tons, sulfur compounds 11 tons, according to Changzhou in 2005 measured 537.43 million meters printing and dyeing cloth, you can save raw and auxiliary materials, electricity, steam and other expenses of about 292 million yuan. China about to rewrite the history of printing and dyeing industry!

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