The Origin of Eating Turkeys on Christmas


In the traditional Christmas evening party, the turkey is an important dish on the desk. In some Asian countries, they eat turkeys only on Christmas to celebrate the festival; in western countries, especially in America, turkeys belong to one kind of ordinary meats. We Americans always eat turkeys on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Turkeys, which had been domesticated by the Indians and brought in to America by the European, are special local products in America. Turkeys were named as turkeys since turkeys looked like the Turkey with their traditional costumes. The European were fond of eating toasted gooses. Later, when some of them immigrated into the United States, they wanted to have toasted gooses, however, they only found turkeys. They had to cook turkeys in the way of cooking gooses to replace the requirements of gooses. To their great surprise, the turkeys taste much better than gooses. Besides, since there were lots of turkeys in America, a growing number of people have begun to use toasted turkeys to replace gooses. As time went by, the turkeys have been the inevitable dish on the desk of Ameican in important holidays, such as the Thanksgiving Day and Christas Day.

This tradition has been kept for more than 300 hundred years. Another story about turkeys might date back to the year of 1620’s. At that moment, lots of British immigrants arrived at the Plymouth Hill. Since Plymouth Hill is a place poor of resource and food, but there is abundant in turkeys that people catch them to cook as dishes for holidays.

Cooking of turkeys:

The most traditional cooking method of turkeys is very simple. You just need to apply an appropriate quantity of salt and pepper inside of outside of the turkey and put in into the oven for at least 3 hours.

Turkeys of Christmas:

It has been more than 400 years for Americans to eat turkeys. Originally the word Dinner in Christmas Dinner and the Thanksgiving Dinner did not mean supper. Actually, Christmas Dinner and Thanksgiving Dinner should be had at lunch time. Since the Thanksgiving day is the fourth Thursday of November, which is very close to the Christmas. Christmas is the day to celebrate Christ Jesus’s birth. As a result, the turkey dinner has been put off to Christmas Day. 

Turkeys on the desk:

We prefer to place the whole toasted turkey in the plate instead of cutting the turkey into parts, which can help to keep the beauty of the dish, meanwhile, it can keep the integrity of the dish.

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