The Power of The Marketing Process


All businesses run on predefined processes and procedures. Often the business owner doesn’t really think about this because they are running their operation on auto pilot. They are so used to just getting the daily work done that they don’t spend too much time thinking about exactly how they are doing the job.

There may not appear to be much wrong with this because they’re bringing in the cash and serving the customers. They’re surviving and even prospering, so they think all is pretty good and don’t want to rock the boat. They have spent the time, trouble, effort and money to have succeeded floating the business, and want to keep everything on an even keel.

They are right. In one way certainly this is true. It’s hard enough to get a business going in the first place to. To want to start changing things seems crazy, to say the least. However, if we dig a little deeper we can see there is much more to be done to keep the operation moving smoothly, and to even more success and profit. Most small businesses get going based on the experiences of their owners in other previous careers. They take their knowledge and start up their own enterprise based on those methods learned elsewhere.

They do this with a few improvements, or twists and variations on what they have seen and experienced working elsewhere. Doing this they succeed enough to satisfy themselves and the bank that they know what they are doing. There is nothing wrong here. They do know what they are doing because the processes they put in place and start to operate bring in the customers and their money to be certain the business functions and survives. So what’s missing then? Well often it is the process of marketing that gets neglected and left behind.

What works to begin with often is not adapted to meet the changing times the business passes through. Sometimes the actual process of getting customers is simply left to chance. There is no system other than opening the doors to the shop or premises and waiting for the custom to come through the door. There is no predefined process in place at all. For instance, in a shop how does the staff dress? How do they greet the customer who comes through the door? What do they say when they buy and after they have completed a purchase? Without these activities thought through and decided upon, there is no system in place.

Neglecting this matter can result in poor performance and eventually business failure. Just because the business has systems in place for buying, ordering, accounting etc. does not mean a marketing one is unnecessary. A marketing process is essential and needs to be thought out and then implemented and adjusted. This will make sure a business grows and prospers.

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