The Scoop on Forum Marketing Part 2


This is a continuation of Part 1 so please be sure to read that article first.

Disciplinary Actions…

This varies from forum to forum but generally speaking, it goes as follows:

If you violate a TOS rule, you may get a warning or an “infraction.”

If you do it again or commit a greater offense, it may get you banned for a couple of days or permanently.

Your account may be deleted which means there will be no trace of you, or your links, on that forum.

Your posts could be “moderated” which means a moderator has to approve your post before it is submitted.

So avoid these pitfalls by adhering to their policy.

The Ideal Forums to Seek…

The ideal type of forums to seek are the “Work at Home” forums, crafts forums,  or any kind of “Mommy” board. These forums are are typically either run by or geared towards single moms who are searching for ways to make extra income. It is a marketer’s goldmine but unfortunately it is also the most guarded and for good reason. There are many swindlers out there who will take advantage of these unsuspecting members.


I’ve heard from many a guru state that in order to be effective in forum marketing, you have to take your time to get to know the members. They say to talk to people, make good posts, help as many people as you can, and build up a good rapport over time. But in my opinion, these strategies are good  relationship builders but are not the most effective or efficient strategies for the marketer. The only true benefit I can see is the back links you get from posting in a forum related to your niche. My other thoughts are:

You have to put forth so much time for little payout which may or may not consist of a single link. 
The members are not in the “buying cycle.” They don’t have a need, they’re not researching products, and they don’t have their credit card handy ready to buy. They’re in a different mindset.
If you think you’re going to post a bunch of links one day, then quit and let your links do the work for you, then think again. Most forums have a “prune” feature which means that if you’re inactive for a period of time, you are automatically deleted. The time varies from forum to forum. On my forum, I give the members two months before I use the prune feature.

The only way to have effective links on a forum long term (assuming you’re allowed) is to be a participating member regularly and ongoing. Sure you might get a few sales or opt-ins but the return is too small for the time invested in my opinion.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I love forums; in fact I own several myself, but overall I think that forums are not the most effective tool for the internet marketer.

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