The Secret Behind These Social Networks

.tags Social networks are the latest fad these days. They entice every individual to join and be part of this social networking wave. But why do we sign up for social networking anyway? This is not just for adults; even old people are using this, especially teenagers and even kids too. Its so surprising how kids nowadays know how to manipulate these networks.
People all over the world would like to re-connect with their old friends and family members that they may not know how to contact otherwise. You can share photos and videos with friends and family along with telling them how you feel. You could also chat with each other in real time. You can email, chat, listen to music, play videos, and even play games, and yes, its all free.
There is no stopping people in the way they interact globally. These giant social networks are catching everyones attention and also their pockets. Its funny how one can be so addicted to games that they dont mind spending dollars just to level up, even on simple games alone. You cannot even believe your eyes that from the moment your favorite music is posted it can spread like wildfire and could even add up many times over in terms of its popularity.
But do you really know the secret behind these giant social networks? Its the design. Did you notice how most of these networks created their social network web design to be so simple and yet, at the same time, so catchy? This is the first thing you notice, and this is also one reason you signed up in the first place, right?
When we say web design its not merely the picture and the fonts. Its how they come up with a user friendly design and functions that even kids could understand. Its not easy to create a social network design. After all, you need to come up with an idea that most people didnt think of. You should also consider how to attract visitors to join. It may start with having your family and friends join first and having the rest join up be a chain reaction.
Planning and constantly having new social networking developmentwill add up so as to spice up your social network. People tend to get bored easily, but if you add the latest functions like more free games, faster connectivity to the network, more vast designs, more interaction, and a larger space to create blogs and post pictures and videos the happier clients would be. Thus more people will stay and more people will still sign up.

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