The Stolen U S Passport Replacement Application Process – Details And Advice

.tags It is certainly a wonderful thing when we have the opportunity to travel and see the world although there is a lot of stress that can be associated with international travel. You have to have travel documents, decide on an itinerary, arrange for travel and accommodations and, of course, pack. Although this process may create some stress, the rewards are very great. There is, however, a situation that can be associated with your travel documents that can cause some serious problems and that is having your passport stolen. This creates an enormous problem no matter where it happens and there is information that you must have if this happens to you. A stolen US passport replacement, however, can be had much easier than you might think once you fill the necessary paperwork.

The stolen passport replacement process is almost exactly identical to the process for replacing a missing or lost passport. You are eligible for a stolen passport replacement if you are an American citizen that has recently had their passport lost or stolen. Start by going online. Online passport services have options to help you apply for and receive a replacement passport all on your computer.

It is very important that you notify the authorities immediately if you suspect you are the victim of a stolen passport. To get it replaced, you will need to fill out a passport replacement application and this can be done online. You will also need to complete a form called “Statement of a Lost or Stolen Passport” and will need to provide proof of identity, citizenship and also enclose a statement concerning your intent to travel. While you can submit this information online, you will also need to follow up by mailing hard copies of the information.

If you determine that your passport has indeed been stolen, this is the process you must follow. Immediately, fill out a report with the local authorities in the city you are in, whether foreign or domestic. If you are in a foreign country, go to the local U.S. Embassy also and report that your passport has been stolen. If you are in the United States, visit the nearest passport office or post office to report the incident. Once you have completed the necessary paperwork described in the previous chapter, you might be amazed to find that with the aide of an online passport company, you can really learn how to get a United States passport fast. Many of these online passport sites offer expedited replacement services so your trip many not need to be delayed. You should also contact your credit bureau as there is a lot of personal information listed on a passport.

There are a few steps that can help to prevent theft and make replacement easier if the worst happens. When you get your passport, record the number, date of issuance and place of issuance and keep it in a secure place away from where you keep your passport. When you travel, take of copy of this information and, again, keep it in a location separate from where you keep your passport.

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