The Stunning Village of Bonnieux


Irrespective of which route you take to Bonnieux, the first thing you will see before you arrive is the village’s church tower. Measuring 458 metres in height, the church tower dominates the countryside and can be seen for miles around.

A magnificent village which is located in the Luberon region, Bonnieux is situated on a plateau above a valley. One of the finest villages in the area, Bonnieux contains a variety of properties which are spread-out on the hillside.

History Galore…

For those that enjoy history whilst on their travels, Bonnieux is the perfect destination. With properties that date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, history reminds all that Bonnieux was once a wealthy village that was owned by the Popes. Over the course of history, several Bishops chose to live in Bonnieux and as you take a stroll through the streets of the village, you will without doubt be in awe of the history of this magnificent village.

Plenty to See and Do…

For those who consider themselves physically fit, try taking a hike up the 86 steps which travel up from the bottom of the village to the top, passing through the narrow streets and through arched tunnels beneath the houses. The reward? A spectacular view across the surrounding countryside as well as centuries-old cedar trees.

For those who enjoy visiting museums on your travels, Bonnieux has its very own bread museum which displays a period bread oven and bread shop. Although you will see similar sights in Boulangeries, the number of traditional shops is dwindling due to the rising number of bread factories.

The Perfect Holiday Destination…

Bonnieux can only be described as a perfect holiday destination. Due to the current economic climate, the vast majority of us simply don’t have the money to travel afar for our holidays. Why not travel somewhere closer to home and experience the beauty and charm of a remote French village such as Bonnieux.

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