The Thali- Taste Affordable Indian Food In Montreal!

.tags Restaurant Thali is one of the well-known Indian restaurants in Montreal. Situated in Downtown Montreal, Thali offers a truly unique experience to check out. This medium sized Indian restaurant offers you some of the special Indian delicacies at affordable rates. This is what makes Thali as one of the sought after Indian restaurants in Montreal.

‘Thali’ is an Indian word for metal platter commonly used all over India. Food served in plates resembles the compartmentalized metal platters more like prison plates. The customers wait in lines with these plates in order to get the food that the want. It is no coincidence that food served in this Montreal restaurant is generally in a metal platter.

Today, Restaurant Thali is being successfully run by a group of Indians residing in the city of Montreal. Their joint efforts are directed towards serving guests the authentic and fresh taste of the Indian cuisine at highly affordable rates. It is affordable in the sense that you can have hearty meals for two within 20-25 dollars! According to visitors, both financial as well as practical reasons lead them to frequent this restaurant in Montreal.

Now reasons may vary from one person to another, but you will always find the place to be packed up each time you visit. Practically speaking, the restaurant is situated at a short distance from the Concordia and McGill campuses in the Downtown Montreal. This makes it easier for the Indian food lovers to taste some traditional dishes. And financial as food served at this Montreal restaurant is reasonably priced.

Indian Specialties To Look For

Thali restaurant in Montreal serves some of the best Indian food in Montreal, specializing in both non-vegetable and vegetable dishes. Visitors have a choice to select among different foods that are served with green salad and rice. What’s best is that diners have the chance to taste diverse dishes in one sitting. There remains a version of the Indian tapas. It’s the fine variety and good taste that makes you crave for you. Try out some generous servings of the traditional Naan bread.

For non-vegetarians, there are several dishes to choose from. Those looking to experiment with the taste can even go for the non-veg dishes like Butter chicken with Naan bread. For people looking for some lighter snacks can try out samosas and tea. You get some of the best Indian samosas in this restaurant. Well, you can have samosas in starters as well.

Vegetarian Dishes at Thali Restaurant in Montreal

The Thali offers diners the option to discover a variety of vegetarian dishes like chana masala, palak paneer or cheese spinach, aloo gobi- a cauliflower and potato dish. Cooked with perfection, all of these dishes are perfectly seasoned and adds an authentic taste. Of course, every dish comes accompanied with its own sauce which is perfect for the Naan bread dipping.

Placed away quietly on the St.Marc just north of the Ste. Catherine, Thali is one of the modest Indian restaurants in Montreal which serves a variety of flavors. A must visit for those who want to explore some Indian culinary delights.

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