The Truth About Acne And Ayurveda


Pimples are a great cause of worry for youngsters in their teens as these can play a spoilsport to their style, attitude, confidence and overall appearance. Natural therapy like Ayurveda is free from side-affects and proves to be an ideal solution to a healthy, radiant and spotless face. Herbal supplements like DMSCare have excellent remedial properties for overcoming acne and other skin problems. Young girls are likely to go grumpy in front of the mirror, cursing the unwanted zits, and one can understand their agony considering the fact that beautiful skin directly speaks volume about beauty. Acne affects nearly 80% of the world population between the ages of 12 to 44 years and that clearly explains the reason for its wide spread occurrence. The sebaceous gland located under surface of the skin secretes sebum or oil in order to replenish and lubricate our skin but if the skin pores are blocked bacteria infest on them, leading to the formation of pimples.

Acne may surface in different ways on the skin or in one or the other forms as listed below:

A. Congested pores

B. Whiteheads

C. Blackheads

D. Pimples (zits)

E. Putules or

F. Cysts

Acne is a skin problem that can affect people of all ages and the root cause of the condition is usually a combination of multiple factors. Some of the significant factors that play important part in the occurrence of acne are:

a) Heredity- Everyone is aware of the common belief that children born to parents who have had acne problems in their youth are likely to inherit acne problems. Although, this may not be true in all cases however, heredity does contribute to the appearance of acne to a certain extent.

b) Food- Beauty is indeed skin deep- what we eat is directly proportional to the health of our skin. Spicy food, greasy and oily foods, junk foods hampers the overall well being of the body. Healthy skin is achievable if we maintain appropriate dietary supplements – consume lot of fruits, vegetables and by drinking loads of water.

c) Cosmetics- Applying unknown cosmetics products available in the market without verifying their side-effects and chemical components may do more harm than good. Of the different kinds of cosmetics sold in shops the safest ones that can be used for cleansing clogged pores are those solvents labeled ‘water based’ or ‘oil-free.’

d) Stress- It is not confirmed if stress is directly linked to the occurrence of acne however feasible diagnosis indicates that the tendency of the people to pick on or squeeze pimples increases the severity of the problem.

In Ayurvedic therapy, the presence of constipation and the accumulation of toxins in the body are conditions favorable to the development of skin disorders. DMS Care is purely health supplement that contains natural laxatives, keeps the body cool and aids in the excretion process. It is one of the best herbal supplements, meticulously acts against skin aging and protects the skin from viruses and bacteria, enhancing your skin glow or complexion.

Ayurvedic natural therapy is the real guide to healthy skin and healthy living.

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