The Truth About Skin Care Products


You see the slick glossy ads in magazines, with the actress as spokesperson promising you skin just like hers if you try their product. You turn on the TV and see the late night infomercial touting a miracle skin care product. All it requires they promise is a quick dab of their cream…Then, you’ll have the most silky smooth skin imaginable. Is this all for real, can you get younger looking skin from these products? Or, is it just marketing hype designed to get you to part with your money?

Truth be told, it is a combination of both. There are effective skin care products on the market, but you have to know what you’re looking for. You have to cut through the hyped up marketing and get right down to the ingredients to see if their product is for real. You don’t have to be a chemist to figure this all out, all you have to do is read on and find out what ingredients to look for.

The 3 most important things to look for in a skincare product.

– First, look for a product that will stimulate the regrowth of collagen and elastin. These two elements are incredibly important to keeping our skin looking young, wrinkle free and smooth. However, as we get older, there is a breakdown of collagen and elastin that occurs. It’s a natural part of aging, but you can combat the damage by using certain skin care products.

A key ingredient for promoting the regrowth of collagen and elastin is Keratin. Keratin is a protein and it has been clinically proven to help in the revitalization of your skin. Check out the label on your skin care products and see if it has Keratin. If not, it may be more hyped up marketing than effective skin care.

– Also, look for Conenzyme Q10. This is an antioxidant, and a very powerful one. This help protect your skin from the damage caused by oxidation and free radicals. And, it can even help fix the damage that has been caused of the years.

Again, check the label of the product and see if it’s in there. Also, be sure to find out if the product has sufficient quantities to be effective. Unfortunately, this isn’t found on the label. So, you may have to contact the manufacturer to find out if any studies have been done on the Co Q10 in the product.

– Lastly, there’s a relatively new discovery for enhancing the youthfulness of skin called Phytessence Wakame that has been proven to work.  Phytessence Wakame is important because it protects hyaluronic acid from damaging enzymes. Hyaluronic acid works with collagen and elastin  and helps give your skin volume and fullness. However, over time and due to damage from the sun, your levels of hyaluronic acid decrease.

This is where Phytessence Wakame comes in to play. By applying this Japanese sea kelp to the skin, you can actually increase your levels of hyaluronic acid and make your skin look smoother.

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