Things to do in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


South Carolina plays proud home to one of the largest beaches in the United States, stretching over 60 miles, it makes the area a beach bum’s paradise. Furthermore it opens the area up to all kinds of alternative, hip sports, where there are such stretches of beach there is always surfing, where there is surfing there is usually skateboarding.

Myrtle Beach is a great little spot to just watch people perform. Gaze out in to the sea as the surfers glide across the water. Head out to the skate park watching the young skateboarders attempt to master their sport, you can easily see some great tricks being pulled off, and also a good lot of painful looking tumbles.

Yet if you are renting one of the Myrtle Beach accommodations you may wish to get involved, and there is plenty of opportunity. With many bright young companies offering surf board and skateboard hire, you can easily pick up your own apparatus and hit the waves or the ramps yourselves. As with any surfing beaches there are instructors aplenty to help you stay on your feet when out on the waves.

Yet there is more to Myrtle beach than just board activities. In fact there is a whole host of things to do and experience here. Here are some suggestions.


Along with surfing there are a great deal of activities along the water. Naturally there are all the surfing variants available, such as the slightly easier windsurfing, and the latest trend of paddle surfing, allowing you to go out much further in to the ocean giving great views of the beach scape and the city up ahead.

But then there is also kayaking, offering you a chance to rent out a series of individual canoes or opting for a larger family sized kayak.

Somehow the water here is remarkably unspoiled compared to other parts of America and the area maintains untainted by the recent oil slick off the gulf of Mexico oil spill. This makes this area a great place for scuba diving with the waters going particularly deep as you stray from the coast, you will also be treated to some of the most beautiful sights American coastlines have to offer, with a good selection of eye catching plants and fishes.

Due to the areas many rivers and water inlets this is an area that allows water junkies to participate in any water activity they like, be that river swimming, sailing, surfing or rowing.


Myrtle Beach is notorious for its fishing, here there are a great number of fishing locations with some wonderful catches. There is the pleasure of strolling out to sea for some late night sea fishing as the waves wash over your legs and there is also the pastoral splendour of river fishing, sitting in the boat with a few drinks, waiting for the fish to appear.

Myrtle is also home to one of the biggest fishing rodeos in the country, bringing in eager fishers from around the world every year.

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