Three Performances Show Children’s Unhealthy Mental State

.tags It is a critical period for children who are at their 3 to 6 years old, because in this period, the growth and development of children’s psychology would be very important and their basic personality will also be formed. And the mental health is the basis for the formation and development of people’s overall qualities. Thus, it is very crucial for the children’s mental development, parents should pay attention to the mental health of children, if they are aged at this period. First, we should make clear which kind of behaviors are the performance of unhealthy mental state. Therefore, the following are several performances of Children’s unhealthy mental state.


Our mental activities would performance by our behavior, so do children. The psychological activities of children can be expressed through the child’s behavior. Generally speaking, most of children are active and it is good for the formation of children’s personality, however some children are “Hyperactive”. And the main performance of those children in this type are active, they can’t focus their concentration on one thing; their mood are easily fluctuated, poor self-control. Thus, even when they learn new things, they will be seriously affected by the external environment.


It refers to the sudden fear occurred with no obvious physical causes. The specific performance of these children is usually lack of confidence, too sensitive, low appetite, unprovoked crying. These children are so sensitive to strange environment, that they are too scared and even consternation disturbed. Thus, if this problem is not solved in time, it would be a big obstacle for their healthy development of their body and mind.

Terror and insomnia

Our horror usually reflects our fear of certain things or situations. Children are usually afraid of some no risk or little risk things. And this fear is very conspicuous; children are avoiding or withdrawal since the emergence of terror. Child who has insomnia sleep problems will be awakened from time to time, or even sleepwalking, but during the day they cannot recall, and they would have such problems such as low in energy and emotional instability. A good sleep is a promise of day’s activities. A bad sleep would not only make people have poor spirit, but also with a poor body. Children are in a period is crucial for their development, so, parents should pay more attention to this problem.

Since knowing the performance of the children with unhealthy mental state, parents should take measures to solve these problems.

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