Three Signs Show Malnutrition for Children


In order to maintain the normal and healthy growth, children always need various nutrients. Parents like to provide various kinds of vegetable soup or meat soup for their children, as they think the nutritional value of soup is much higher than that of vegetables and meat and all the nutrients are contained in soup. In fact, such a kind of behavior is improper. It can not be ignored many nutrients like vitamin C and nicotinic acid are contained in soup, but the nutrients contained in the stem leaves of vegetables and meat are also beneficial to the health of children. For example, nitrogenous compounds like creatine and creatinine contained in meat soup can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. However, inadequate protein is contained in soup. If children always drink too much soup, the intake of protein can be reduced. Then malnutrition can be caused. Generally speaking, three signs can tell parents that children get malnutrition.

The first sign is changeable moods. According to the research, children who are always unhappy and unresponsive usually lack protein and iron inside their bodies. These children should often eat aquatic products, meat and egg yolk and so on, as these foods contain abundant protein and iron. If children are always panic-stricken and sleepless, the intake of vitamin B is inadequate. These children can choose soy-bean products, animal livers and semen juglandis to supplement vitamin B for themselves.

The second sign is abnormal behaviors. If parents find that their children always unsociable and eccentric, parents should pay attention to the supplementation of vitamin C for these children. The foods like tomato, orange, apple, cabbage and lettuce all contain rich vitamin C. if children grind their teeth at night and suddenly wake up, they may lack calcium. The supplementation of calcium can be achieved by eating green vegetables, dairy products and dried small shrimps.

The third sign is the facial pityriasis simplex. The facial pityriasis simplex means the round or oval patches on the face. It is a kind of skin disease caused by the lack of vitamins. It is also an early sign of malnutrition. An important way to eliminate the pityriasis simplex is to adjust the diet and increase the varieties of foods so as to supplement vitamins. If the situation is very serious, children can take vitamin tablets under the guidance of the doctors.

Parents should observe these three signs in time so as to prevent malnutrition for their children.

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