Thunderbird Lodge: A Place Where Neighbours Aren’t Welcomed.

.tags The Thunderbird lodge is a waterfront estate that is located on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. This was the summer home that was built for George Whittel Jr. He was an heir to one of San Francisco’s wealthiest families. They made their money during the California Gold Rush, thanks to his Grandfathers who were two immigrants.

Whittell owned almost 40,000 acres of Nevada shore and planned to develop around it but changed his mind as he enjoyed not having neighbours. The Thunderbird lodge is an historic site that has six buildings.

The lodge was built in 1936; its architect was Frederic DeLongchamps who was famous at the time. He was also a Nevada state architect his other works that you can find are the Carson City Capital and the Reno Courthouse. The lodge itself was constructed to mix in with its surroundings which are the reason it is made out of stone. This was his summer cottage which had two master bedrooms, a movie room, 3 servant bedrooms and a complete kitchen full of appliances. This was meant to represent the high quality standard of the building you could see the differences in the crafts, stone masonry, ironwork and woodwork.

A Lighthouse was added almost fifty years later in 1985 by Jack Dreyfus, Jr. This was after he had acquired the property from Whittell. The Lighthouse was attached to the lodge, which brought add-ons to the lodge such as a master bedroom, 2 guest bedrooms and a beautiful bridge that was enclosed by glass that connected the Lighthouse to the lodge. The Lighthouse can be used for events as 100 people can fit in it.

There is also a Card House there which is one of few that still exist. This is a place where people would come to play cards, smoke cigars and enjoy the company of women. The card house is an intriguing place with its two fireplaces at either end of the room. Also the tunnel is connected to the Card House

The Boat house was the place where you would find George Whittell’s Fabulous Yacht the Thunderbird. Now the Thunderbird and the Boathouse are is owned by a non profit organization that are called Foundation 36, their goal is preserve natural, cultural and historic treasures. The Thunderbird Yacht is still housed in the Boathouse. The Boathouse was the was the first steel structure that was built in Lake Tahoe

The Cook and Butlers house which located across the Light house was just the sleeping quarters for the cook and butler. But it is one of the places which has the best view of the lake out of all the other buildings and is rumoured to be haunted with a few ghosts lurking around it. The Elephant house is what is considered an unusual building, as it was the holding ground for Whittell’s Elephant Mingo. If you didn’t know about the Elephant you’d think this a garage.

Now the Lodge is owned by the Thunderbird Preservation Society and it is now a popular tourist attraction, so if you don’t like your neighbours as well why don’t you visit this place whilst staying at one of the many Lake Tahoe vacation rentals.

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