Ticks Are One Complete Headache For Everyone


It is unfortunate that even in these modern times, ticks in one form or another, will always cause us humans a problem or two. In the worst instances people may even find themselves hospitalized because of the after effects of having a tick bite. But there are several precautions that people can take to cut down on the possibility of being bitten in the first place.

First, for those who are unaware of what a tick bite looks like, people should look out for some symptoms which may accompany the bite. Although the bite itself may not be noticed, the symptoms that follow will normally show themselves in flu like symptoms. Aching joints or complete paralysis are possible and if anyone has been recently to a wooded area or somewhere where ticks are known to inhabit should seek out medical advice immediately.

The American dog tick, as with other species too, can cause a multitude of problems in people. Neck and head pain or rashes are very common but are not the only pointer to the presence of a bite. Indeed, many people have heard of the ‘bulls eye’ rash that can accompany the bite but this does not always appear. It is because some of these symptoms can appear rather vague that most people do not look for medical attention until their infections have progressed to advanced stages. This then is why some people get terribly sick when they have been bitten by this tick.

Although it is virtually impossible to get rid of ticks in the wild, it is possible to take some precautions to make sure that the person does not get bitten. These include wearing clothes that cover the arms and legs when hiking or camping in the woods. Wearing light colors will also make it easier for ticks to be seen if they happen to attach themselves to the clothing.

Tucking trousers into socks or making sure that they are secured around the ankles mean that the tick does not get access to bare flesh as well. Long hair too should be tucked up under a hat and those who do not have long hair should also consider wearing one too.

Repellents are another good idea particularly for the limbs and lower body but then, when leaving a tick infested area, check out all the skin to make sure that no bites are missed. This is where close friends come in handy so that the back and the back of the head can be inspected too.

Wash all clothes thoroughly after leaving a known tick territory and do not place them with other clothes prior to doing this. Also make sure that pets are not left to rummage around in the undergrowth when you take them out on walks. There are some great animal tick products on the market so take advantage of shampoos and treatments regularly.

Finally, if a tick is spotted, pull out the head backwards with tweezers to avoid squeezing the juices into the wound. After this, seek medical aid so that nothing untoward happens.

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