Tip 6 – How to Get Clients Using Online Marketing Strategies – Article Marketing

Tip 6 – How to Get Clients Using Online Marketing Strategies – Article Marketing
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How to Get Clients Using Online Marketing Strategies

Hi, this is Payson Cooper from http://www.PaysonCooper.com and

this is the top 10 tips series on how to get clients through

online marketing strategies.

This is tip #6 and we’re going to talk about Article Marketing.

Article marketing is when you write articles and post them on

other sites. Generally they would be posted on an article

reposity, a site like ezinearticles.com. A site where a lot of

people are putting articles all the time.

EzineArticles is, like some other article sites, a very well

ranked site, it’s near the top 100 sites in the whole world. You

can become an ‘expert author’ for EzineArticles, and you can write

articles that drive traffic to your website consistently. This is

another longer term strategy, you want to write a lot of articles

and you want to do it consistently over time, and as you do it,

you begin to build a great foundation that can drive a ton of

people, consistently, from the article site to your website.

There are people who specialize in teaching techniques on making

article marketing very successful as an online marketing strategy,

and one of them is a man named Jeff Herring, he’s known as The

Article Marketing Guy, so you can check him out to learn more in

detail how to use article marketing as an online marketing

strategy for your business. And, I’ll give you a few tips here…

We covered keywords in one of the last tip videos, how to find

them and how to use them… well, you want to think about using

them in your articles as well. So, when you start to write an

article it should be on a topic that will be of interest to your

prospect, to the person you are interested in working with or

selling your product or service to. Then, as you start off, you

want to start the article title with the keyword phrase, then you

also want to include it in the first sentence and then again 1 or

2 more times throughout the article.

Then, at the end of the article, there is something called the

‘resource box’. The resource box is often used as a location for a

bio, but one of the best ways to use the resource box is to

actually make an offer for your free opt-in, so again, we are

wrapping back to another one of the tips videos where we talked

about your opt-in offer.

You can set up a landing page where people can go to read a bit

about the offer and some of the benefits they will get if they

give you their email address to get the offer, and at the end of

your articles, in the resource box, you can include a line that

says something like, “Get free instant access to this great

report…that gives you xyz” or video, or whatever it is that you

are giving away (and xyz is one of the benefits).

Then, you say one little line about who you are, your name and

give yourself a title of some kind.

So, use the resource box to actually make an offer for a free

piece of information, a free give away, so that the person, when

they come from the article to your website, they come with the

intention of actually signing up for your list. Then they become

part of your tribe, part of your list and you can build that

relationship with them.

Article marketing is terrific, it’s one of the ‘unsung heros’ of

the internet, it’s a bit labor intensive, you can actually get

support by outsourcing some of the writing, but it can be a

tremendous traffic source and traffic builder over time for your


If you want to tune in for the other tips in this series, be sure

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next video. Thanks!

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