Tips for Travelling and Hiking


Many people like to travel, explore in the mountain on foot or by car. This

is a very excting thind. Indeed, travelling itself is an exciting thing for

the people who live in the city or building. Therefore, knowing some tips

for travelling and hiking are also necessary for people to gain more.

1. Making a travel plan in advance, and to fully aware of traffic

conditions. People should be note the falling rocks and curbs collapse when

come into the mountains.
2. If decide to travel with car, maintenance of vehicles is necessary before

start and pay attention to the gas station, repair shop, hospitals and other

locations along the road.
3. Before climbing to understand your own health, and bring drugs at any

time; the people who have altitude sickness and get sick should avoid to

4. Be more careful on clothing and shoes before climbing and try to pack

light and with little goods. Cloth shoes, athletic shoes or sneakers and

other flat shoes are the choice. Don’t wear high heel shoes, so as to avoid

inconvenience and dangerous. The selection of stick should be care about its

length, weight and quality.
5. Pay attention to weather forecasts before, and timely change clothes.

Using the poncho instead of umbrella when raining during in the mountains,

which is aim to prevent lightning, and wind to hurt people; people have to

pay attention to non-slip walking at snow day in the mountain.
6. People had better not walk when appreciate beautiful scene; to choose

safety location and angle when take photo, in particular, have to pay

attention to the rocks.
7. Attention to your own security. Don’t travel to the un-open or dangerous

mountain without permission; try to avoid playing in the absence of

management of the mountain; don’t travel to the areas where have no life-

saving person; do not go the places where are forbidden to travel.
8. Don’ t smoke along the way of appreciation. Pay more attention to forest

fire on the mountain.
9. Love natural environment, don’t destroy the landscape resources; maintain

scenic environment clean and tidy, don’t throw garbage anywhere.
10. Protect your own property and prevent them from loss and theft,

especially cameras and other common things, like film.

Summary: Travelling or hiking is a very exciting thing for the people who

live old time or modern city. And knowing some tips before you go also

necessary. After having a good understanding of this, your travel will not

be troublesome.

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