Tips for Your Stay at Windsor Palms Resort

By James F Clay on 2017-08-24 17:58:14
tags Evening Swims – If you’re not use to the hot Florida sun and concerned about getting burned to a crisp, try an evening swim between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. It was our family ritual to end the day and it was very comfortable, cool and refreshing. It was never crowded at the pool in the evenings but there were always enough folks to keep the atmosphere hopping and lively.

Evening Outdoor Activities – Again if you can’t picture yourself running about in the searing heat during the day, may I suggest a game of night beach volleyball, basketball or tennis when it is a lot cooler. All courts are lit for night games providing a comfortable and neat atmosphere for family sports.

Movie Theater – I absolutely love this free amenity at Windsor Palms. There is a great list of movie selections located in the Sundry shop at the Clubhouse. You give your movie selection and the time you wish to view it to the person behind the Sundry shop counter and just show up the next day at your chosen time. It’s a great way to inexpensively entertain the family if they are not going to any parks the next day and you can catch a flick that you never saw but always wanted to see.

Take an afternoon Siesta at the resort – Because of the close proximity of the resort to the Disney Parks, especially Magic Kingdom, it would be wise to arrive early at the parks to avoid the crowds, return for a swim, nap or meal at the condo, then return to the park refreshed for the evening parades and fireworks. Because the crowds are less during the evenings, you can tackle those rides that you weren’t able to get on earlier in the day without having to endure the long line-ups. This method is a little easier for everyone because you can enjoy the parks at a more relaxed pace and little kids aren’t pushed to “do-it-all” all at once which as you know can lead to the grumpies. Just make sure you get a return stamp to re-enter park.

Anna Agnew is an author for a Disney Vacation Condo Rental Disney Rental.that is located in a gated resort community 3 miles from Disney World.

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