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Wintry scene at the Southwick shipyard
Winter scene as ‘Nicola’, nears completion, the first SD14 to be built by Austin & Pickersgill, Sunderland, 11 December 1967 (TWAM ref. 3396/51969 A).

This set celebrates the ‘Nicola’, the first in a long line of standard ships designed by the Sunderland shipyard of Austin & Pickersgill Ltd. The images document her construction from October 1967 through to her completion in February 1968. The shipbuilders commissioned the Newcastle-based firm Turners (Photography) Ltd to take weekly progress shots of the ‘Nicola’ and these images have given us a unique view of her development.

She was the first SD14 to be completed (the name stands for ‘Shelter Deck 14,000 tons deadweight’) and was designed as a replacement for the surviving ‘Liberty ships’, built by American yards during the Second World War. Those Liberty ships had played a vital role in the Allied victory but by the 1960s they were fast approaching the end of their working lives.

The SD14 developed by Austin & Pickersgill met the demand for economic and reliable cargo ships. The simplicity of the design meant that it could be marketed by the shipbuilders at a very competitive price. It’s success is reflected by the fact that over the course of 20 years 211 ships were built to the SD14 design by Austin Pickersgill and its licensees. Sunderland can be very proud of its remarkable shipbuilding and engineering history and the SD14 is one the City’s finest achievements.

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tags As postage rates seem to climb, the use of sharing ones information through email, and staying in contact with employees is now an ever so effective tool to use. Many who drive customers to their websites and storefronts, use email as the most effective and cheap source of getting their information out there. Using email marketing is quick, and extremely cost effective and is one of the best ways in getting sales and engaging with customers.

To start off your email marketing, create a list of clients that you would like to send an email to. One of the best ways to do this is to buy a mail list. If you have existing clients, employees or even friends use their email addresses as a starting point. Getting your business out their by word of mouth, is also another useful tool to selling yourself and your business. In some ways, email marketing is just like word of mouth too.

In email marketing you need to create your message suitable for emailing. If your intended audience doesn’t get what they want from the email, they will more than likely unsubscribe from your list.

Create a simple layout by using an HTML template. This designed doesn’t need to be overcrowded with to much imagery. Use well thought out colors that compliment each other, and ones that are easy to read. Your design should also promote your business, so always have a logo displayed in your header.

When using images in your email marketing, it is better to use photographs rather than stock images. Stock images can seem a little impersonal to the reader. Having high resolution photographs of your products will help attract your customers to the item that you are selling. Having quality pictures that are well placed is proven to increase clicks.

Develop an email campaign, that will drive your customers to action. There is no point in having an email message that doesn’t drive someone to do something. Your email must drive your customers to act on what they see and get them to click on something.

Ensure that your email marketing message is useful and relevant. People reading the email want to read the information quickly and get to where they want quickly. Have what is important at the top of your message so its clear in what you are selling and what business you have. This will get your audience to see it straightaway and get them to do something straightaway.

If your not familiar with HTML, or email messages, their are people who do this job for a living. Outsourcing a professional, may help create the message and email design that you are after.

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