Tips to Prevent a Hangover

By Vinicius Z Mattoso on 2011-12-27 16:39:55

Various festivities and celebratory occasions call for a drink. The slight euphoria from controlled alcohol consumption may leave a pleasant feeling afterward but excessive alcohol consumption leads to intoxication which may be dangerous. Due to festivities and occasional drinking, most of us have experienced a bout of unpleasantness the morning after excessive drinking.

Commonly known as hangover, its effects vary from person to person in terms of strength and intensity. It usually involves a headache, inability to concentrate, sickness, dizziness, dehydration, mild diarrhea, tiredness and weakness. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Listed here are some of the hangover tips to prevent and cure you from a hangover.

Before you start guzzling down that beer or alcoholic drink, remember to fill your stomach with food. Having food will prevent alcohol from entering the bloodstream directly, thus keeping you sober for a longer period of time. You will also need to continuously hydrate your body by drinking water or juice. Alcohol leads to dehydration. That explains why you feel dry in the mouth after a certain amount of alcohol consumption. To be able to think ahead will save you the agony of having to wake up and prepare your hangover cure the morning-after. You might be so exhausted and groggy that you cannot even operate a blender. Therefore, prepare a hangover cure before you head out and refrigerate the drink. That way, you’ll have a cure ready the next day. The only thing you’ll need is to be able to get yourself to the refrigerator.

If the damage is done, there are various hangover tips available to cure that bout of sickness. You can try taking a water-soluble painkiller for that headache and antacid to stabilize the acidity of your stomach. If you are up to it, try going for a stroll and breathe in fresh air. It helps to clear the mind. If nothing works and you still feel terrible, you can always stay in bed. You will eventually feel better after the much needed rest.

These hangover tips are meant to help you overcome occasional bouts of hangover. Bear in mind that while drinking may be fun momentarily, the after-effects of excessive drinking is thoroughly unpleasant.

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