To Feel Young Again


There are so many things that happen to out bodies as we get older. Memory loss, brittle bones, thinned skin, and increase susceptibility to common illnesses to name a few. “Its part of life” we tell ourselves and indeed it is. The question is, how do we beat that seemingly insurmountable fact of life?

We are bombarded by a constant onslaught of “Look young again, feel young again” products and not even half of them work as advertised. To compound our frustrations, the ones that do work cost a fortune that most of us just don’t have!

Now I’m sure everyone over the age of 50 has wondered at one point or another how to feel young again. Many people just wave their hand at the notion of gaining back years of their life and health. Its true, we all are meant to grow old and eventually pass on. This is not a pleasant fact, but a fact nonetheless. There are ways to slow down the clock however, and as credited before some of them really do work.

There are the usual topical salves and dietary plans. They have their uses and some are very effective. However none of them truly accomplish the full effect that we would really like them to. To feel young again, truly, one has to truly dedicate themselves to a lifestyle that most of us don’t want to or can’t do. Some of us are already past the point of being active and are unable to exercise like we used to.

There is a relatively new drug on the market called Sytropin. Now you may have heard of something called HGH or Human Growth Hormone. HGH in a nutshell is a hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland. In fact it is the most abundantly produced of all the hormones in our bodies. This is especially true during adolescence, when our bodies tend to produce upwards of 500 micrograms or more per day. Over the years this declines at an alarming rate. As it does our body loses more and more of its ability to regenerate itself.

Now think about this, HGH is a huge presence in our bodies during our adolescent developmental years. Logically (and proven) this means that it is an enormous factor in our physical development, i.e. puberty. While this substance will not induce puberty again (thank the heavens!) it will have the same physical benefits. Remember how fast cuts and bumps healed when you were younger? Well, that is what this will do for you. Not only that but some of the other hallmark traits this is known to be vital for are increasing bone density, increasing elasticity in skin, thickening of the skin, strengthening teeth, increasing energy, and so many more benefits.

To be perfectly frank with you, a great deal of marketers and companies trying to sell HGH are humbugs and charlatans. The key way to recognize the impostors from the real deal is to find out what they put into the product. The fakers are the ones who tell you that there is HGH within the product. The only way for HGH to work when introduced directly into the body is by injection. The reason being is that HGH breaks down before it ever reaches the bloodstream when taken by any other form. On top of that HGH injections are exorbitantly priced and only available via prescription. The ones that are for real are not HGH at all. They are in short, a stimulant for the pituitary gland to pump more HGH into the body. They have been proven and for the most part are reasonably priced.

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