Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz at Premiere of “Knight & Day”


Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz recently posed for the British premiere of the film “Knight & Day” at Leicester Square in London July 22, 2010. The are the main cast members of the blockbuster “Knight & Day” hitting the theaters all over the world. In the premiere ceremony, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz talked about their Top Gear race in the action movie James Mangold’s “Knight & Day”. In such stunning photo shoots, Cameron and Cruise showed off their same height despite Cameron’s 4-or-5 inch heels. Let’s enjoy the nicest pictures of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz at the premier of “Knight & Day” in London as follows.


The two talented and handsome movie stars have experienced the mini-whirlwind tour in London for promoting the film “Knight & Day


The appearance of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz made fans crazy and excited


Cameron looked so gorgeous in a mini jupe of Stella McCartney, shoes of Casadei, jewels of Anita Koi


The blonde owns sexy long legs


Cameron is even a bit taller than Tom Cruise thanks to her heels


The cast pair have been around the world to promote the blockbuster “Knight & Day”


The talented man, Tom Cruise freely posed with their fans


And Cameron also posed before their fans


Tom Cruise looks so young despite his age of 48


The pair in a scene of “Knight & Day



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