Top 10 Online Colleges for Business Degrees | 2017 Most Affordable Online Colleges

Top 10 Online Colleges for Business Degrees | 2017 Most Affordable Online Colleges

top 10 online Online Colleges for Business Degrees

number 10

Valley City State University

Valley City State University offers a bachelor’s degree in business for just over $7,000 per year.
number 9
Taft University System.
For just under $7,000, you can earn a variety of degrees from William Howard Taft University and the Taft University System: three master’s degrees and a doctorate degree. For those seeking a master’s degree, the school’s online MBA requires courses such as Money and Capital Markets, Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning Principles, Business Research, and Value Investing. Students select between four MBA concentrations: General MBA, Entrepreneurship, Health Care Administration or Professional Practice Management.
number 5
Western Governors University
This non-profit university offers both a bachelor’s program and a master’s program for $5,780 each year. With a bachelor’s degree designed to instill confidence and leadership skills, students will learn skills related to the world of business. Courses include Critical Thinking and Logic, Microeconomics, Legal Issues for Business Organizations, Elements of Effective Communication, and Global Business. For those seeking higher education, the master’s degree emphasizes the importance of strategy, teamwork, and management in business. The program focuses on ethical leadership, financial management, data-driven decision making, managing human capital, and accounting for decision makers.
number 4
Delta State University
Delta State University offers an Integrated Master of Business Administration for professionals and managers seeking further education in preparation for career advancement. For just over $5,600 per year, students can complete a program with courses in managerial accounting, economics, financial management, human resource management, and strategic marketing. studies.
number 3
Columbia Southern University
Columbia Southern University offers an associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree program. At just over $5,000 per year, it’s an affordable way to get a degree in business. The university develops students’ skills, making sure they have real-world application to practice their newfound knowledge. For an associate degree in business, students learn business math, management, marketing, advertising, and business law. The bachelor’s program builds on
California Coast University
The associate program at California Coast University aims to give students a chance to explore the administrative side of business with a two-year, self-paced degree program. It gives students an overview of subjects like business, management, marketing, communications, and psychology. One level up is the bachelor’s program, which takes students’ education more in-depth on topics in accounting, economics, and financial management. To complete the master’s program, students will study the law and ethics of business as well as project management and strategy. They also offer an undergraduate certificate in Business Administration, as well as graduate certificates in Business Administration or Organizational Leadership, all for a rate of $4,800 annually.
number 1
Aspen University
As business and management continue to evolve so does Aspen University’s bachelor’s program. With a mixture of business and general education, students get a well-rounded education that balances liberal arts courses with those that teach necessary business skills. Required courses include Principles of Accounting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods, Business Research, and International Business as well as marketing and management classes.

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