Top Three Truly and Uniquely Indonesian Festivals!!!


Indonesia has amazingly diverse cultures for being home to more than 17, 000 islands. Almost every island of the country is home to some different traditions and culture, and this can be observed in the festivals of these regions. Out of many year round Indonesian festivals a few are native to the country and are uniquely and truly celebrated only here. A few of the festivals you may observe uniquely in Indonesia include;


Karakatoa Festival: This festival consists of a number of traditions that belong to the locals of the Lampung region. Those taking Indonesia flights find there much to have a good time with the locals of the region. The event is held at weekend and a number of performances are presented to delight all the attendees. It is one of the oldest traditions that have been celebrated in Indonesia that dates back to 1883. It is in fact the anniversary of last eruption in the region. That is more memorable than to be celebrated. The chain of interesting activities including; Tuping Carnival, elephant procession, and many dance performances greatly attract flights to Indonesia.


Bali Arts Festival: It’s a long festival that is spread over a period of full one month. The whole month is a colorful period filled with entertainment and joy with a number of performances by the locals. It is the place to observe both cultural and commercial activities at the same place. Visitors taking flights to Indonesia love to join water sports, musical program, and international surfing championship at Bali Arts Festival. Preparation for the event is begin in advance and competition for different performances among locals is hold to sort out the best ones so that the best performers could display their best to the rest of the nation and those getting into the region for tourism by taking cheap Indonesia flights.


Solo Batik Carnival: It’s comparatively a new addition in Indonesian calendar that begun just three years ago in the Solo City. In central java the event presents more than 300 performances every year. During this event the whole of the city is very well decorated with a variety of plants and animals. Performers wearing masks are the most prominent feature of this carnival. If you take flights to Indonesia from UK or some where else you will find much pleasure in joining this colorful Indonesian tradition. Its an environment friendly as well as visitors friendly activity.

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