Toshiba NB100 Reviewed

Toshiba enters the netbook market with the NB100. This computer comes in two versions, the NB100.

Handling, Ergonomics. The 8.9-inch models are much smaller and, admittedly, less comfortable to use than their big brothers 10 inches. All played on a millimeter here and there, or, ultimately, the entire handling suffers. The keyboard is a good example: the keys are 1.5 inches wide by 1.8 cm cons for the MSI Wind U100. Three millimeters of difference in absolute terms this is nothing and yet the ease of typing is significantly impacted. To note, the keyboard bends under pressure. Finally, the whole shell is plastic mat back unless it is brilliant.

The machine is very quiet with the exception of scratching the hard disk, visible if you listening.

The touchpad located below the space bar is very small. He suggested a height of 3 cm or 0.5 cm less than the U100, itself already tight enough. The click buttons are positioned left and right below it. The webcam image is noisy and dark when lack of light. With an additional source (desk lamp, for example), the noise fades. Voices are rendered well by the mic, however, a constant noise in the background.

On the slices of the unit include: 3 USB, 1 RJ45, 1 VGA (output up to 1920×1200 pixels), 2 mini-jack and a multiformat memory card reader. The netbook also features a Bluetooth interface. The speakers are barely strong enough to watch a movie in a quiet environment. We must lend an ear or even stick to the computer. Select the headset to take advantage of the proposed minimum. Under the netbook was only access to a location header RAM occupied by a barrette to 1 GB.

Calculations. hard drive and 1GB of RAM. This trio is featured on the vast majority of netbooks. The performance changes little use in practice. Some points nevertheless allow machines to distinguish. The boot time (initialization) is one. Here, Toshiba sign a median time of 45 seconds (down to the best 35 seconds). The transfer speed of the drive is the second interesting element, it is 49 MB / s disk and then start falling gradually to 21 MB capacity at the end.

Overall, and it is repeated for each Netbooks, launches applications are fast and the machines are reactive throughout. Attention, important calculations such as video editing or compression of files take two to three times longer than on a machine with a Core 2 Duo now. In video, no change, the limits are reached with the HD files very heavy. Everything else works well.

Mobility Autonomy. The magic number for the mobility of netbooks is 1Kg. The Toshiba model is slightly greater than this limit with 1.05 kg on the scale. It is 3-4 times lighter than conventional 17-inch model. In continuous video playback, this model reaches 2:15 of battery life (screen 100cd / m² and headphones plugged in). The received version was not equipped with the final version of the battery such as  Toshiba Satellite A100 Battery, Toshiba Satellite A70 Battery and Toshiba Satellite A75 Battery. It will offer a range slightly wider.

Screen. Toshiba has opted for the glossy tile of its netbook. If you follow our articles and news, you know that this is not our favorite type of slab due to the poorer visibility in extremely bright. That said, some people prefer them and it takes all tastes.Viewing angles are very closed. Any deviation results in an alteration of the image. Better to stay well in front of the screen. Responsiveness is average and enough to use video and office.The default colors are normally crazy like all netbooks.

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