Towers and Battles Are Apt Descriptions of the True Spiritual Life – Consider This Most Seriously


He wants us to work out what it might mean. Jesus made people think. A number of years ago someone said to me that I had made them think, and that that had been a good thing. They needed to be made to think about their spiritual life and what all was involved.

Sometimes when men have gone to Church they have said that they could leave their brains in the car as it was like that it would not be needed in the next hour. That is an appalling indictment upon the church to which these men were going.

Men need to be made to think as well as believe!

It is the easiest thing in the world to start building a tower, but will you be able to finish it?

Take a moment to consider the cost. Work out what might be involved. Think about it.

The higher a tower goes, the greater will be the cost. The foundations will require to be deeper too. That will mean expensive excavations.

To build a tower that will stand, necessitates removing all the soil and sand that separates you from the solid rock.

Consider the options and possibilities, so that later on, when it becomes tough, there will be no complaints.

Discipleship has similarities to building. Jesus even compares it to a battle. Do you have the resources to complete the tower and win the battle?

Now, if you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ, nothing will put you off, and no-one can persuade you to stop, because you have counted the cost.

If there is anything in the Bible which could throw you or if there is anything anyone could say to you which might make you drift away, let God deal with that now, removing every possibility.

Towers and battles are apt illustrations of life in the kingdom of God. You can find the actual text for this in the Gospel of Luke at Chapter 14.

Counting the cost today avoids the need to resign or compromise to-morrow.

We have to deal with sin at some stage and it is always best to deal with it at the earliest possible moment, and then that massive issue has been faced and resolved.

Why does Jesus insist upon having to count the cost? Surely that is one way which might just put people off.

Yes, someone could be dissuaded after having considered the demands and consequences of being a disciple of Jesus, but not anyone who means serious business with God.

Sandy Shaw

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