Transactional Songs


Transactional Songs

Each transaction has a soul in it which sings a song.

We should have to tune ourselves to that song inorder to understand it’s meaning.

Then the transaction will be fruitful and there will be a harmonious and cordial relationship.

Touching the soul of each transaction we can better judge the need of each transaction.


We should vibrate in tune with all the transactions.

In family,organization or society each transaction is valuable.

Knowing the meaning of each transaction means better understanding.

After understanding there will be a fruitful communication.


We also come across various intra personal transactions.

They have their own songs and meanings.

Catching hold of those meanings we can understand their songs better.

We can be able to think better,plan better and perform better.


We should be better harmonisers for all transactions.

By harmonising each transaction at the mental level we can have a better communication.

There will be a better customers’ delight.

Our business will grow and we can be successful in every area of life.


Sitting silently in a tired afternoon we look to the sun.

We transact with the setting sun,the scenic beauty and the cool breeze.

We should tune ourselves with the songs of those transactions.

Then all our worries,tiredness and boredom will be over and we will come out of frustrations and despairs.


Understanding and singing the song of each transaction we will have no irritation.

We will impart better service to our customers.

We can gather more knowledge with a harmonised mind.

The transactions will help us to be fuller individuals.


Inspite of avoiding the transactions we should love them.

We should understand the meaning of each intra personal and inter personal transaction.

We should modify,codify and edify each transaction.

There will be a better co-ordination and all the transactions will bring fulfillment in our lives.


Expectations of customers are many and that is why they want to transact with us.

We should understand them and make our inner transactions dance with ecstacy with the outer transactions.

Then there will be better co-ordination and communication.

We can be able to serve better and establish a cordial and long lasting relationship.


Songs are helpful for body,mind and soul.

Singing the songs of  the transactions we can keep ourselves in better spirit.

All our fatigues,tension,worries and anxieties will be over.

We will be better performers and can contribute more and be successful individuals.

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