Travel Flashlight: Useful Equipment for Traveling


Mainly it is available in black color. It has super brightening features. It has waterproof features so it can be useful in rainy season and in useful for swimmer. This torch has one 18650 battery. It has high efficiency and high refraction rate. This torch produces straight light and makes higher density to its origin. It is made by high power MC E Led bulb. Life of this bulb is 1 lacks hours. Maximum output of this torch is 210 lumens. The body diameter of this torch is 25mm. in this package customer will get double battery charger. A main essential feature of this torch is it can create blinding effect.

Traveling flashlight has some wonderful features like, 1-2 mode output, waterproof features, aluminum body, made of Cree branded Q5 led bulb. Aluminum body make it so durable and long lasting product. If it fallen from hand then we do not worry about it is safe and long lasting product. It has 1-2 mode output it is very amazing features of this torch. If we do not need to high brightening light so then we can use it at single mode by tail push down switch. And when we need more powerful light then we can use it at dual mode. It is power saving method, this features make this torch battery more durable and long lasting. This is waterproof torch. This waterproof feature of this torch makes it more useable. It can be use in any weather and it is also useful in underwater. Swimmer and fisherman can use it in under water. It is made of Q5 Led bulb. Led bulbs are Cree branded. Cree is a reputed manufacturer. Led bulb is long lasting bulb and it gives brighten light at low power consumption.

This torch is useful for children purpose. It is not harmful product and it does not make any effect on health. This torch produces high refraction light so it does not make shadow. It produces light of long wavelength. Due to long wavelength this light can travel more distance and make visible target which is situated far away. Normal torch does not have these so many features. It is not so durable also effective product. For climbing purpose or hiking purpose it is more suitable and effective product. The Ultrafire flashlight makes visible target which is situated far away from climber so climber can measure the way in advanced. Fisherman can use it for fishing purpose. They can use it under water at night time or in daytime.

Power off the torch when it not in use. Discharger time is around 3.4 hours so after discharge every time it should be fully charge. It is comes with duel charger. It should keep away from fire.

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