Travel On An Aromatic Journey At Kuala Lumpur

.tags Kuala Lumpur is world renowned as the city that houses the Twin Jewels – the Petronas Towers. But there is obviously more to this city than what meets the eyes. The capital of Malaysia, it is also one of the most popular holiday destinations of the Asia Pacific region with a multitude of activities bundled with all the glitz and glamour. This has resulted in a confluence of cultures which you will enjoy immensely. The cuisine, the buildings, the people are all so varied that you will be spoilt for choices. The people of Malaysia are warm and welcome tourists with open arms. This hospitable nature of the Malay people is half the reason for the immense success of tourism in the city.

Kuala Lumpur is famously known for the conventional Malay cuisine it has to offer to all those experimental and adventurous foodies out there. It is a food paradise brimming with different cultures and traditional cuisines, thanks to which, you can never run out of options to please your taste buds. There is almost everything for all and sundry. With the perfect blend and concoction of spices and conventional ingredients, Malaysian food is quite irresistible. Some of the traditional dishes include Acar, which is a salad made of vegetables tossed in vinegar and with chilies. Other famous dishes include Bak kut Teh, Chai Tow Kway, and the various types of noodle soups.

Spice up your Vacation

The street food stalls dotting Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur are the best places to get a taste of the popular cuisine, quite literally. With the aroma of the spices and herbs used in the dishes, one can hardly resist from digging into the platters of soulful dishes whipped out all in front of your own very eyes! Kuala Lumpur being a cosmopolitan city does not stop at hosting some of the best traditional restaurants but also houses some of the best international cafes, bars and bakeries. The choice is truly endless right from the fine-dining restaurants to the local food stalls, KL has it all. You can go from knives and forks to chopsticks in a jiffy. With incredible options, tourists in Kuala Lumpur can visit the Chow Kit Market and enjoy nasi campur, a dish with rice, meat, fish and vegetables or they can stop off at the hawker stalls to indulge in the hot favorite, roti canai.

Some of the popular restaurants of the city include the Revolving Restaurant in the Menar KL Tower and the Chinatown Pavilion with a boisterous exterior that attracts hungry visitors and serves some of the finest rice and wonton noodles. One of the most famous and oldest hawker stalls in Chinatown is the Jalan Hnag Lekir Beef Noodles stall that dishes out the most delicious and mouth-watering beef noodles in the city. And while you are at it, you might also want to check out the Petaling Jaya restaurants. You can never run out of options for places to eat right from the top of a revolving tower to open-air restaurants in the bustling Chinatown. Tourists can rejuvenate at Kuala Lumpur hotels that have been created to make their stay comfortable and luxurious.

Kuala Lumpur offers a Tasteful Holiday

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