Travel Throughout Great Britain on a Tier 1 UK Visa


Whether you are following in your parents’ footsteps, or you are the first in your family to leave your country of origin to go work in the UK, you will find that it is a terrific adventure. Although small in comparison to some of the larger Commonwealth countries, the United Kingdom has a lot to offer people of all ages. By obtaining a Tier 1 UK visa, you will be free to live, work, and travel throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, for up to two years.

One of the primary benefits of getting a Tier 1 UK visa is that you will be free to work legally throughout the country. You won’t have to take jobs “under the table”, or work for a lower than normal wage. You will be a legitimate part of the workforce and you will be able to apply for any job you like. In addition, you can wait until you arrive before you start looking for a job – you don’t need a sponsor like you would have in the past.

The requirements for obtaining a Tier 1 UK visa are fairly straightforward and require you to be an English-speaking citizen of one of the Commonwealth countries, which a bank account in your name. You will need 2,800UK for yourself and 1,600UK for each dependent. After submitting your application and undergoing a biometric scan, you will be free to enter the country for up to two years, with a possible three year extension after that.

The work opportunities throughout the UK are virtually endless, and whether you end up working your way around the country, or spend all of your time in one of the major cities, you will always be glad you took the time to spend part of your life in England, Scotland, or Wales.

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