Travel Tips For Classical Acoustic Guitar


When you love your music so much, you do not want any harm to occur to either the instruments you are carrying with you or even the music you are carrying in the form of electronic media like CDs while travelling outside your city. Many musicians have had to bear the brunt of careless handling by the baggage personnel and have had their guitars broken on arrival. This article looks at some tips on how to ensure that your classical acoustic guitar arrives in good shape at the destination.

a) The carry case – You must use a case with a hard shell which can withstand the rigors of travel and is used typically by companies when they ship such items for delivery to another location. Fastening it with a lock or tape will serve in hiding it from curious baggage handlers and reduce the chances of tampering.

b) Taking care of the strings – You must reduce the tautness of the strings of the guitar and loosen it such that it escapes the warping due to humid weather conditions. Of course, some tension must be left behind and a slight detuning of the guitar will of tremendous benefit. This does not apply to guitars with nylon strings, since they are anyways strung less tautly.

c) Ensuring neck protection – The most delicate part of the guitar is its neck and is also the most susceptible for any damage. You need to bubble wrap and pad on some newspapers to lend it the cushioning effect, if it is thrown about, which is more than likely. The idea is to provide as less a room as possible for the neck to move about and with the aid of compressed packing through such padding, you may be able to reduce the risk of the neck breaking to a large extent.

d) Check your classical acoustic guitar as soon as you land – It is important for you to report any damage immediately on your arrival. This is to convince the concerned personnel that the damage has indeed occurred due to the careless handling of the baggage handlers and not due to your carelessness. As long as you have taken the basic precautions of packing it well, you should not have a problem getting the requisite compensation.

The above are some of the measures you can take to protect your valuable classical acoustic guitar.

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