Travelling Around London

By OFTO on 2010-10-01 05:55:26

Going to UK is such a wonderful experience. But it is better if you have an idea on how to get around the key spots in London.

When going to the UK theatre, try Globe Theatre where you can enjoy Shakespeare’s renowned plays. If you are more historically- inclined, try entering the Geffrye Museum in London, located in Kingsland Road. It showcases furniture and display items and has a surreal walled herb garden in the middle of other major gardens. There is also a tea room and a shop where you can unwind.

Going to London may leave you confused if you do not know the way. You can use the buses to tour around the area so you are not left on your own. To experience an different bus route, board Bus number 12 in the middle of London area. This starts from Notting Hill Gate going through Kensington Gardens. If you want to see where Princess Diana lived and also have a glimpse of where the Notting Hill movie was mostly taped, then take this alternative route – at an affordable price.

If you want to have bonding time with your family, you can have a date in the Royal Botanical Gardens located at Kew. This is especially geared for little children. The family will enjoy the “Climbers and Creepers”, where kids can run through and play all around and frolic in the huge botanical play area.

If you want to satisfy your gastronomic cravings, you can dine in at the Wahaca situated in Covent Garden. The Mexican food served there is very affordable yet sumptuous. Try the MSC shrimp salad for a change. You cannot make reservations here though, and the wait is long. The remedy to this is to write your name in the waiting list, visit the surrounding areas, and come back after an hour.

One thing you cannot miss is viewing the British Museum. But there is also another attraction near the popular museum. To got here, just exit at the back and pass Montague Palace, then turn right and then left. After walking for about two minutes, you will see Russel Square Park when you turn right. There, you will find Alfresco Cafe, where you can relax and enjoy a great panoramic view.

If you want to walk down memory lane, you can take the Royal Mile, an old street linking to the Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. The historical sites are worth the visit and it  has great architecture that will take your breath away. If you get hungry while roaming around, do not fret. There are a lot of restaurants surrounding the area.

Optimize your stay in London. Know where you need to go and savour your stay in this wonderful place.

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