Treat Bed Bugs Dead


Bed Bugs were once nearly eliminated as a pest in civilized society. But changes in the chemicals used to treat for bugs and the amount of increased world traffic have both worked to create a situation where they are making a huge comeback.

For the first time in our history, more people are living in urban areas that in rural. This gives the bed bug prime feeding grounds around the globe. Each night they crawl out of their hiding places to crawl up on your skin and suck blood from you.

How Can You Stop Bed Bugs? The steps are really pretty straight forward.


Bed bugs love clutter. It gives them places to hide that make it harder to treat for them. Bugs can crawl up to 20 feet every night to get to you so they can feed. By cleaning up clutter you make it harder for them to hide and easier to treat for them.


Use bedbug proof containment wraps for your mattress, box springs and pillows. This seals any bugs that are already in your mattress inside and prevents new infestations.

Control Access

Use containment cups on your bed posts to make it harder for the bug to crawl up to feed on you. Move your bed away from the wall. Keep blankets off the floor.


Treat around your bed and any areas where the bugs might be able to enter your home. Use a combination of quick killing sprays and long lasting powders.


The key to eliminating a Bed Bug infestation is re-treating. The bugs’ eggs are extremely hard to kill so even if you kill every bug you can find, up to 14 days later as eggs hatch you will be re-infested. To keep this from happening you need to retreat as often as needed.


You don’t have to live with bed bugs. Using these tips will help you get rid of them far more cheaply than hiring an exterminator.

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