Treat Your Dermatitis With Homeopathy


We are all living a life full of stress. Even the people in towns are not free from stress. There are many diseases that occur due to imbalance of body, mind, and psyche. Skin ailments are no exception. Adding to our woes, there are many other trigger factors that aggravate the skin conditions like dermatitis. 

You might have seen people who keep on scratching the skin and there might be mild to moderate rash. There is no need to jump to conclusion that they might be suffering from some contagious form of skin infection like scabies. It might be just allergic dermatitis that they have caught as a result of exposure to some substance that they are allergic to.

How to find what are we allergic to?

It is really a difficult question. We handle so many things daily and we also go through so many fumes and perfumes daily that it is difficult to identify the exact cause of allergy. However, it is also true that you should try to find the recent changes in your diet, clothing etc. Many times experts have found that allergic reaction occurs to relatively harmless item like a new piece of shoe or change in cooking oil. Indian women may even get allergy to kumkum that they sport on their foreheads (termed as kumkum dermatitis). Any types of dermatitis may be aggravated by winters, sun exposure, scratching the patch frequently or simply by washing the part with water. 

Symptoms of dermatitis:

Usually the dermatitis patch itches a lot. There might be redness and little swelling of the affected area. The surrounding skin looks patchy and inflamed too. It might be whitish or pinkish in color. It becomes a constant source of irritation for people and triggers restlessness. 

How homeopathy helps?

There are homeopathic remedies for every type of dermatitis. The remedy however differs from person to person. The selection of the remedy is done on the basis of symptoms of the patient, the probable causative factors of dermatitis, his or her emotional and mental disposition, the aggravating and ameliorating factors of dermatitis, and presence of any concomitant symptoms. Homeopathy thus treats the dermatitis from inside out. Even for nasty dermatitis like kumkum dermatitis, the homeopathic remedies provide absolute cure. 

The best part of homeopathic medicines is that in most of the cases of allergic dermatitis, after the patient is cured of allergy, he or she can continue using the substance that was causing allergy after successful treatment. The homeopathic remedies build a kind of immunity against such allergies and make us stronger! 

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