Treatment to Stop Compulsive Skin Picking Explained


Although everyone of us indulges in skin picking at some point in time or other, it becomes a problem when people go to the extent of even injuring themselves during picking episodes. This is when it comes a form of compulsive obsessive disorder. If you are someone who wants to stop compulsive skin picking , then there is some good news waiting for you. A combination of lifestyle changes and behavioral therapies can help in treating the condition.

Recent research suggests that the habit has a direct relation with the amount of stress or anxiety that a person has. Relaxation techniques are therefore always part of behavioral therapies that aim to stop compulsive skin picking. Patients are taught to identify the triggers that lead to the picking episodes. They are encouraged to keep a record of all the triggers. Once they become conscious of the situations that lead to skin picking, they can then work through them to completely eliminate the problem. In order to do this the sufferers are also taught suitable coping skills too as part of the behavioral therapy. In many instances the sufferers are also encouraged to look for some other more constructive habit too. They can for example look to develop a safer and more acceptable habit. This is in fact, one of the easiest coping skills that they can learn.

Whatever may be the treatment option that you choose, it is important that you make certain changes in your lifestyle. For example, you will need to take good care of your diet. Taking a balanced diet is known to work wonders , if it is combined along with the behavior therapy. Moderate exercise too is recommended for people wanting to stop compulsive skin picking. A combination of lifestyle changes and psychological therapies along with a bit of determination on your part will help you stop the habit, once for all. 

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