Try Out Some Delicious Tropical Smoothies


Smoothies have become a very popular treat, with smoothie shops popping up all over the country. Whether you visit an independent smoothie business or one of the large retail chains such as Jamba Juice, sipping this fruity concoction is like a mini vacation. One reason that smoothies are so popular right now is because they are so healthy for you. Not only are they good for you, but they also taste good too. There are advantages to drinking smoothies and even advantages to making your own tropical smoothie. These delicious drinks mix a variety of fruits together, giving you a greater range of vitamins for improved health, not to mention a unique flavor that can’t be beat.

Did you know that you can create delicious smoothies at home? These make a sweet and delicious breakfast, a refreshing snack, or even an alternative to mai tais and pina coladas at your next tropically-themed gathering. Sipping these fruity drinks, your guests will be sure to feel like they’ve been transported to a sunny tropical island.

The best tasting smoothies are tropical smoothies. Most smoothies contain popular fruits that you may even be able to grow locally in your own garden such as oranges, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, and lemons, One of the most popular tropical smoothie ingredients is the banana. The banana is often mixed with other fruits to create a tropical blend. Though most smoothie shops offer a variety of smoothie flavors, by making yours at home you can completely customize the recipe. Mixing a tropical smoothie at home cost less than visiting a shop and gives you many more options when it comes to ingredients and flavor. For example, you can mix more exotic fruits like star fruit or passion fruit that they will not have at a smoothie shop.

At first making your own smoothie may sound overwhelming but it takes very little culinary experience or skill. The most difficult thing you will need to know how to do in order to make a tropical smoothie at home is how to use a blender.

Making a tropical smoothie is simple. All you will need is some yogurt and some tropical fruits of your choice. There are many possible choices. In addition to the fruits listed above, your drink may contain kiwi, pineapple, or mango, for example. You can also add in flavored juices. Flavored juices help if you can not get all the tropical fruits you want. You can also water down the mix by adding ice. Many smoothie shops use a lot of ice in their recipes.

Put the fruits in the blender with about a cup of yogurt. Add a little more yogurt if you want to make a larger quantity, or less yogurt if you prefer a stronger flavor. Most people like a tropical smoothie that is well blended, while others prefer to leave bigger chunks of fruit in the mix. Blend it until it’s the perfect texture, pour into a glass, and enjoy! For your next luau party or tropical barbecue, use glasses shaped like tiki statues and add a paper umbrella for the perfect tiki touch.

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