Try This Tasty Vegan Recipe!


It really is not that simple switching to become a vegan, especially when you somewhat enjoy eating meats. I’ve got a lots of friends who wish to switch, however find it too difficult particularly when they are able to eat unpleasant vegan meals. To be able to appreciate being a vegan, you have to eat delightful and tasty vegan meals. You may think of it as not achievable, however there are plenty of fantastic vegan meals to choose from. Anytime I’ve got a friend who would like to get one of these scrumptious vegan meal, I create my personal rich and creamy mushroom quinoa casserole– which is a quinoa recipe I got from one of my mom’s vegan cookbooks. It such a yummy and guilt- free meal, that I am certain you’ll like it. This is the steps to make this specific extremely scrumptious meal.



Two cups of vegetable broth
A cup of quinoa
½ sliced white onion
One medium eggplant sliced into cubes
One teaspoon of sea salt
Two teaspoons of olive oil
One cup of thawed peas
Two cups thawed broccoli
Thirty- two ounces of vegan cream of mushroom
One cup thawed yellow corn kernels
Black pepper
Two cups of panko bread crumbs


To Prepare:

First, you have to pre-heat the stove to 425 degrees. Place olive oil, onion, eggplant and half a teaspoon of sea salt right into a dish and toss it. After that, roast the eggplant for around 12 minutes or perhaps till it is tender. Get a tiny pan, boil vegetable broth and quinoa at the same time then prepare in lower temperature for approximately 12 minutes. Take out the quinoa out of the heat and fluff using a fork. In an additional dish, mix marsala, cream of mushroom, black pepper, garlic and 1 / 2 teaspoon of sea salt. You’ll then have to shift the quinoa right into a casserole bowl, adding the corn, peas and broccoli at the top. Place the roasted eggplant at the top, after that put the cream of mushroom soup on it. Distribute the panko bread flakes at the very top, decrease the range temperatures to 350° and bake the meal for approximately thirty-five minutes.

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