Tube Strikes again hit London ‘ work in your garden instead! How?


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Are you fed up with being part of the 9-5 rat race?

More and more people are becoming disenchanted with their office based job and having to spend hours commuting to their place of work. Barely a week goes by these days without the news reporting Tube or rail strikes, and prices for season tickets and public transport seem to rise faster and faster every year.

So, it is not surprising that thousands of Brits are looking for different ways of working. Spending hours struggling with strikes on the trains or Underground isn’t the most productive way for employees to use their time, and these strikes are costing businesses millions of pounds. Indeed, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry estimated that the 2010 Tube strikes would cost businesses £48 million per day in lost revenue and productivity hours.

With the most recent Tube strike resulting in over half of all services being cancelled, and thousands more services disrupted and delayed, commuting into London has become both expensive and awkward. Thousands of productivity hours are being lost as commuters struggle to get into their places of work thanks to ongoing industrial action. As one commuter recently told the BBC: “It was terrible down there. It’s the queuing to get into the station that’s really bad. Some of the lines are totally crippled.”

So, why don’t you end the daily slog and work from home? More and more companies allow their staff to work from home, whilst many other people are leaving their office based jobs in favour of starting up on a self-employed basis.
Research from a leading human resources agency in 2007 showed that the benefits of home working significantly outweighed the disadvantages. Factors such as lack of commuting time, improved productivity, higher morale and lower stress levels are all advantages of home working. The survey also found that people who worked from their home or garden log cabin also benefited from more flexible working hours, leading to a better ‘work/family’ balance.
Whilst many employees are being allowed to work from home, many others are electing to leave their corporate jobs and set up in business on their own. This has been particularly true during the ‘credit crunch’ where many people have been forced to look at alternative employment options.
Many home workers use a study or spare room to run their companies. However, the restrictions of these arrangements mean that people are increasingly turning to log cabins and garden workshops as the perfect place from which to run their businesses.

Its time for a change consider a garden log cabin?

Using a log cabin or garden workshop can offer significant advantages to home workers.

What’s great

The great designs on offer

The Price
Cheap office furniture
The short commute down the garden
Missing the tube strikes

Using a log cabin or garden workshop can offer a number of benefits to home workers. Firstly, you are much less likely to be distracted by other things going on in the home. A quiet garden workshop is the perfect retreat to allow you to concentrate on your project or other work without being interrupted by a knock at the door, your children or the television. The ease of connecting power to a log cabin means that you will always have access to heating, lighting and whatever tools you need to power your company.
Working from home can often see you cramped into a small corner of your home, taking up valuable floor space that could be put to better use. Using your spare bedroom as a home office may seem like the obvious answer ‘ until you have guests to stay. A small corner of the garage may also be perfect until the winter comes and it is suddenly icy cold in your office.

The other main advantage of using a garden workshop or log cabin is that your commute to work does not involve hours of bus, train and Underground journeys. Why waste hours of your day grappling with disrupted Tube services when you can do the same work from the comfort of your garden workshop?

Once you have decided that you are going to eschew commuting in favour of working from a log cabin, you need to decide what sort of wooden workshop to buy. Garden log cabins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you will need to find the right one for your garden. You will also need to find a workshop that is perfect for your specific business, whether you are planning to use it as a home office or as a workshop for a business that involves crafts, repairs or manual work.

Life’s too short to spend hours on end with the hassle of avoiding Tube strikes and cancelled trains. Reduce your stress levels and find a better work/life balance by buying a garden workshop and working from home.

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